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Top 6 Family-Friendly Attractions in Zhangjiagang - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area

    197 Reviews
    15.1km from downtown
    "Phoenix Mountain, southwest of Lushan, covers an area of 400 mu, the northwest tree is lush, the orchard is lush, the famous Phoenix Peach Peach. The rare and famous wood red bean tree next to Deng Jiaxuan, is rumored to have been planted by Liang Wudi Xiao Yan's eldest son Xiao Tong in the southern dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,500 years and is a must for Jiangnan."
    Highlights: Visitors can find the Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area right outside of Zhangjiagang City. The recreation area is located in the southeastern suburbs of the city, easily accessible to any visitors of Zhangjiagnag City. The Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area includes several attractions including Phoenix Mountain (also known in the area as Heyang Mountain), Yongqing Temple, Heyang Shange Hall, and Tianzhuang Ancient Street. The forests and lush wooded area on the Phoenix Mountain prove to be a place visitors love to see in the area.
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  • No.2

    Zhangjiagang Jiyang Lake Happy World

    516 Reviews
    3.8km from downtown
    "I heard that Zhangjiagang Poyang Lake has an amusement park with 60 passes. There is no additional charge except for the Ferris wheel, 7 or 8 items. There are 10 disposable raincoats inside. Sometimes there will be several items that do not open, pay attention to it, suitable for small pot friends, especially more than 1 meter."
    Highlights: Zhangjiagang City Jiyang Lake Happy World was invested and constructer by Zhangjiagang City Jiyang Lake Development and Development Co., Ltd. In accordance with the new exotic and full of fantastic construction goals, there are a number of sizeable and medium-sized amusement projects, such as rapids and perfect storms. It can meet the entertainment and consumption requirements of different age groups. It is an all in one amusement park with children as the main target and older ages as well as children. Representative projects include colorful mining vehicles, magical torrents and high-altitude flights.
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  • No.3

    Yonglian Water Park

    382 Reviews
    16.6km from downtown
    "The advantage of indoor water parks is that they do not need to be sun-dried and rain-free and are not affected by weather changes. For example, the weather of the exposure is not afraid of rainstorms. The weather is not afraid of the top. Generally, the indoor water temperature is also constant. The water temperature is more consistent."
    Highlights: Yonglian Water Park Yonglian Water Park is located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province. It is a water amusement park with various kinds of water amusement activities; it is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in the Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou areas. Its main attractions include rainbow water slides, high-speed water slides, swimming pools, and children's water play areas. There are also a number of other large-scale attractions, including a giant bowl-shaped water slide, a river rapids ride, a competition-based water slide, and an AI-driven cartoon children's pool.
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  • No.4

    Zhangjiagang Adorable Pet Park

    5 Reviews
    4.3km from downtown
    "Not worth it, cheating on children"
    Highlights: Adorable Pet Paradise is located in Zhangjiagang New Town Square. It is divided into eight themed areas: misty jungle, fairy tale theater, small science class, groundhog villa, snow mountain flying fox, colorful feather elf, greedy fish, and mushroom castle. It integrates science education, cultural entertainment, A venue for family leisure and gaming experience.
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  • No.5

    Jiangnan Farming Culture Park Playground

    24 Reviews
    16.4km from downtown
    "Last weekend, it was a rainy day. Children like to play in it. There are animals, Ferris wheels, bumper cars, pirate ships and so on. My child's favorite is the big dinosaur. Next time the weather is good, I have to take pictures and share with everyone."
  • No.6

    Lollipop Children's Theme Park

    25 Reviews
    999km from downtown
    "Zhangjiagang has not many children's themes, so if friends with children come to travel, come and play."
    Highlights: Lollipop parent-child theme park is advanced, safe and in line with the physical and mental development of children. The children's entertainment facilities are very childlike, providing your children with a happy and worry-free game world. The park adopts advanced safety and environmental protection materials, the facilities are fresh and the environment is beautiful. You and your child experience a joyful space with free interaction and unlimited imagination.
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