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Top 10 Spring Outings in Hangzhou - 2024

Greet the arrival of spring amidst sunshine and flowers while enjoying these great activities
Updated May 2024
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    "The scenery is beautiful, it is worth a visit to the tourist destination, the price is high, there are many restaurants nearby, all are Hangzhou cuisine, Longjing shrimp, West Lake vinegar fish, call flower chicken, etc., all belong to the local famous dishes!"
    Hangzhou.West Lake, Lingyin Temple Scenic Area
    6.5km from downtown
    Highlights: West Lake is associated with Hangzhou beauty. It is a beautiful scenery belt. The famous “10 Scenes of West Lake” surround the lake. Walk along the Sudi and Baidi causeway, or row yourself to the "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon" located at the middle of the lake. It is a spot where you can enjoy a complete view of the West Lake on your boat and feel the gentle ambience of Hangzhou. You can also rent a bicycle to ride around the lake and enjoy the freedom of stopping wherever you want for a photo.
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    "Go to Hangzhou to visit friends on May Day. After learning online that the traffic in West Lake is comparable to the zombie siege every year, he quickly switched the target attractions and selected the Huajiantang Hotel in Xixi and Xixi. It turns out that this decision is quite nice. When the West Lakers were crowded, Xixi was beautiful alone. We entered the game late in the afternoon and it was raining that day. There were almost no people. My friend's family has been settled in Hangzhou for many years, and I have never been to Xixi. When I visited, I felt that there were so few people. It was so cool. Xixi is a wetland, with a large area, roughly divided into three parts of the West and Middle East. On the left is a free attraction, which is said to be not fun. The middle is mainly a wetland park, you have to buy tickets to enter. On the right is the free attractions such as Green Dike Fudi. It is fun and connected to the wetland park. There is an access control in the park in the middle, and you can enter and exit with a ticket. So you can play from the park to the outside of the park if you want to save money. You can only play in the East District. In the wetland park, there are 80 tickets for one person, 60 electric tickets for one person, the boat must sit, follow the waterway around the park for a week, an hour, there are four land attractions in the middle, each can be disembarked, after the tour, wait for the next boat, board the boat and set off to the next stop. Unfortunately, we went late, and we didn't have the opportunity to take the boat for a whole week. After disembarking at the second attraction, we walked while playing, and then took the electric car back to the original point. The whole trip was pleasant and the air was fresh, the cool breeze and drizzle were very pleasant. Everyone is very satisfied. Also recommended is Huajiantang, there is a quiet path to and from Xixi Park, a good walk, the May 1st premium is very small, the internal courtyard and lawn are very beautiful, the gifts and acquisitions are more, it is worth it."
    Hangzhou.Xixi Wetland Park Area
    8.7km from downtown
    Highlights: Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the west of Hangzhou, only 6 kilometers away from Wulin Gate in the main urban area of ​​Hangzhou and 5 kilometers away from West Lake. Xixi originated in the Han and Jin Dynasties, developed in the Tang and Song Dynasties, flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, declined in the Republic of China, and revived in the contemporary era. In the history of Hangzhou, there was a saying that "West Lake, Xixi, and Xiling" were collectively called "Three Wests". Xixi in history covered an area of ​​about 60 square kilometers, and the total area of ​​Xixi wetland under protection is now about 10.38 square kilometers. There are ten scenes such as "Autumn Reeds Flying Snow, Gaozhuang Chenji, Fishing Village Misty Rain, Hezhu Listening to Music, Dragon Boat Festival, Qushui Looking for Plums, Fire Persimmons Reflecting Waves, Lotus Beach Egret Shadow, Hongyuan Afterglow, Reeds Floating in the Moon", and three embankments of "Fu Dike, Green Dike, and Shou Dike". Xixi is the only rare wetland in China that integrates urban wetlands, agricultural wetlands, and cultural wetlands. It is also one of the earliest national wetland parks in the country. Xixi Wetland contains five major thematic cultural elements of "Buddhism, seclusion, vulgarity, leisure, and wildness", and its zoning characteristics are "seclusion in the south, vulgarity in the north, bustling in the east, and tranquility in the west". The essence of Xixi culture is "one garden and five places": Hongyuan, the premiere site of Yue Opera, the sacred place for poets, the birthplace of Water Margin, the place where literati enjoy themselves, and the concentrated place of folk customs. Xixi has a 300-acre plum forest, planted with many varieties such as Jiangmei, Gongfen, Zhusha, Luye, Yudie, and Meirenmei. A good place to enjoy plum blossoms in Xixi is the Meizhu Leisure Area, which is concentrated in Meizhu Villa and Xixi Meishu. Many plum blossoms are also planted along the Meidi from Zhoujia Village to Gaozhuang. From November and December to March of the following year, different varieties of plum blossoms bloom one after another. "Looking for plum blossoms in the winding water and exploring plum blossoms in a boat" is a unique way of enjoying plum blossoms in Xixi.
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    "Beautiful scenery, peaceful antique, like it. 🍀 God is also very powerful, blue sky, white clouds and beautiful sun. I feel that our ancestors 5,000 years ago were very smart, would make tools, and diligently began to cooperate."
    Hangzhou.Liangzhu Cultural Village
    20km from downtown
    Highlights: Liangzhu ancient city site, about 5300-4300 years ago, is located in Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is located in the river network plain at the eastern end of Tianmu Mountain in the Taihu Lake area around the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is an important representative of early regional civilization in China. As the power and belief center of the Liangzhu culture, the Liangzhu ancient city site was built between about 3300-2300BC with a series of related sites such as a large-scale city site, a complex peripheral water conservancy system, and hierarchical cemeteries (including altars), as well as The unearthed objects, mainly a series of jade articles with symbols of belief and system, reveal that in the late Neolithic period in China, there used to be an area around Taihu Lake in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River that was supported by rice farming, with obvious social differentiation and a unified belief area The Yangtze River Basin has made outstanding contributions to the characteristics of "diversity and unity" in the origin stage of Chinese civilization with its early time, high achievements and rich content. The vacancy of the ruins provides a unique witness for China's 5,000-year civilization history, so it is known as "a famous place that demonstrates China's 5,000-year civilization history." On July 6, 2019, the Liangzhu Ancient City Site was officially listed as a "World Cultural Heritage". Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins Park, located in Pingyao Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, covers an area of about 14.33 square kilometers, including the city ruins area within the world cultural heritage Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins, Yaoshan Ruins and peripheral water conservancy system ruins. Liangzhu Ancient City Relics Park is the core part of the park. It consists of the palace area, inner city and outer city. It has a centripetal triple layout structure, with ancient rivers running through it. The total area of the city site is 631 hectares, and the total volume of earth and stone piled up artificially is about 7.17 million cubic meters. The palace area is located in the center of the city site, with a relatively high and open terrain, covering an area of about 39 hectares. It was the main place for the residence and activities of the higher rulers in the Liangzhu period. The inner city is surrounded by city walls, with a slightly rounded rectangular plane, about 1,910 meters long from north to south, and 1,770 meters wide from east to west, covering an area of 280 hectares (including the palace area). With the palace area as the center, there are cemeteries, residential sites (including handicraft workshops) terraces, ancient river channels and other sites in the inner city. The outer city is located on the periphery of the inner city, and consists of 17 intermittently distributed platforms to form a semi-closed outline of the outer city, including residences, workshops and tombs, covering an area of about 351 hectares. The platform of the outer city and the river network passing through it form a water town landscape that lives near the water. The Yaoshan site is located on the top of a hill about 5 kilometers northeast of the city site. It is a composite site of altars and high-level tombs, belonging to the early Liangzhu culture. The tombs in the Yaoshan cemetery are all vertical pit tombs, divided into two rows of burials in the south and north, and 754 pieces (groups) of burial objects were unearthed, including 678 pieces (groups) of jade articles. The peripheral water conservancy system is an urban water resource management project planned uniformly at the beginning of the construction of Liangzhu Ancient City. It consists of 11 artificial dams, natural mountains, and spillways, with a total earthwork of 2.88 million yuan. The cubic meter is the earliest large-scale water conservancy project site discovered in China so far, and it is also one of the earliest low dam systems in the world that have been discovered so far.
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    "I found a rainy day, there were really few people, I heard that I might have to queue up to go to the park on weekends. The play experience is excellent. And the scenery is very good, very original. There will be small bugs on the stone road. People who are afraid of bugs should be careful."
    Tonglu.Daqi Mountain Scenic Area
    70.6km from downtown
    Highlights: The Daqishan National Forest Park is located in the southeast of Tonglu, 7 kilometers from the downtown. Compared to mountains and peaks in other cities, the scenery of Daqi Mountain is much more exquisite. In addition to the dense trees in the forest, there are many waterfalls and streams varying in size, and the fresh air makes it a perfect place for recreation. The Barbizon Vacation Resort near Daqi Mountain not only has entertainment facilities for go-karting and grass skiing, but also a lavender field. Many guests choose to spend the night here.
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    "Very beautiful place, you can to walk Excellent place to go for a walk, you can walk breathing the fresh mountain air 😀. In addition, beautiful landscapes and a spectacular view on the bridge and the flower with a transparent glass floor."
    Tonglu.Tianzidi Scenic Area
    93.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Tianzidi—in Baijiang Town's Luoshan Village—is situated in the rolling hills bordering Tonglu and the thousand island lake of Qian'an. The natural ecological environment here is nearly completely preserved, making it one of Tonglu's rare original ecological resources. In respecting thousand-year old Tianzi culture, the scenic area is based on green ecology, peaceful leisure and relaxation. Sites within the scenic area include local folk custom sites, flowing waterfalls, underground caves and alpine ranges, all of which merge together to create a beautiful landscape.
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    "The scenery is good and the tickets are not expensive. The disadvantage is that there is no distance prompt on the road sign. Slides and go-karts cannot carry long rod-shaped objects and must be stored in the bag. If you can't collect trekking poles, you can only stay. There is no advance reminder."
    Hangzhou.Linan Daming Mountain/Shimen Gorge Scenic Area
    >100km from downtown
    Highlights: Daming Mountain Scenic Area is located in the west of Lin'an, near Anhui province. As part of the Huangshan mountain range, it not only inherited the unique peaks and rocks that the Huangshan mountain range is famous for, but it also boasts the beautiful scenery that western Zhejiang is known for. In spring and summer, the mountain is a respite from the hot weather; in the winter, the mountain becomes a great place for skiing. Exploring the 10,000-meter caverns, walking along the rope bridges, or riding the slide downhill are all great experiences. Damingshan has the nickname of “Zhejiang Little Yellow Peak” and has a total of 32 peaks, 13 springs, 8 waterfalls, as well as alpine meadows, 10,000-meter caverns that span six mountains, and 96 scenic spots.
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    "It was too late to go to the temple, and it was closed. The road is relatively primitive. The tree needs a few people to hug, come with a friend's family, stop and stop, there are not many people, very comfortable."
    Hangzhou.Linan Tianmushan Scenic Area
    70.1km from downtown
    Highlights: Surrounded by ancient trees, waterfalls, streams and fresh air in Tianmu Mountain Scenic Spot, you can experience a natural oxygen bar. Kick away your bad mood by taking a hike among nature. Standing on Simian Peak and looking from Yuli Pavilion, enjoy a panoramic view of the rolling hills. The sea of clouds is worth seeing, especially in misty weather.
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    "May 1st made an appointment with three or five friends to go to this niche but very treasured attraction, it is very pleasant, the air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, the cave inside is full of fantasy, it is not very tired to stop and stop, it is worth sharing"
    Tonglu.Yaolin Fairyland/OMG Heartbeat Paradise
    70.2km from downtown
    Highlights: Yaolin National Forest Park is located in Donglin Village, Yaolin Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou. Since the park is located on the northern edge of the subtropical region, it is about 5 degrees colder than at the bottom of the mountain. The annual average temperature is about 16 degrees, which makes it a paradise for summer getaways. Locals call it "xiao lu shan". There are many kinds of flora and fauna in the park, among which 13 plants including Eucommia ulmoides, Pseudolarix amabilis, and Zhejiang Nan are listed as nationally protected rare tree species.
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    "Xiaohongshu Trip.com recommends a clear stream during the May Day holiday. There are not many people. Jingmei has a first-class experience. It is suitable for mountain climbing waste and children. It is not hard at all. If you have the opportunity, you must go to experience it again. Brothers!"
    57.9km from downtown
    Highlights: Located in Xukou Town, Fuchun Taoyuan has beautiful caves and lake views. It is a good place to spend your weekend. Jiuxiao Biyun Cave, Tiancheng Wild Forest and Yanling Lake are the main attractions of the scenic spot. At the mouth of the Jiuxiao Biyun Cave, you can overlook the village below. After passing through the red lantern tunnel, you will come to the main scenic spot of the cave. The stalactites are so strangely shaped beyond your imagination.
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    "Liangzhu Culture and Art Center, located in Liangzhu Cultural Village, Hangzhou, was designed by Japanese architect Tatsuo Ando. This legendary modern architectural master design master uses unique water concrete applications to abstract light, water, wind, and spark the tide. The Liangzhu Culture and Art Center will present these beautiful buildings in Ando's mind."
    Hangzhou.Liangzhu Cultural Village
    15.5km from downtown
    Highlights: Liangzhu Culture and Art Center is located in Liangzhu Cultural Village, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City. It is an outstanding work designed and constructed by Tadao Ando, a well-known Japanese architect. He integrates Eastern aesthetics with Western architectural theories to express the concept of "emotion-based" space. The building fully integrates the building and the surrounding environment. In addition to the cherry trees planted between the water garden and the river, a large forest is also planted on the back of the building, making the building stand quietly in the nature. In order to blend in with the surrounding environment and echo the slope of the large roof, the landscape on the south side forms an undulating garden with a triangular geometry. Every year when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, it always attracts a large number of tourists. The culture and art center is divided into three functional blocks. The south side is the exhibition building with the function of the art gallery, the north side is the classroom building with educational functions such as training rooms, and the middle is the cultural building with the functions of the reading hall and library. Arranged under the big roof in a three-character layout. The four gardens in the Art Center are connected to each other and become the symbolic garden of Liangzhu Cultural Village. Various art activities are regularly held here, and it has become a temple of art in the town.
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What are some Spring Outings in Hangzhou?
Some Spring Outings in Hangzhou include:The West Lake, Xixi National Wetland Park, Liangzhugucheng Ruins Park, Daqishan National Forest Park, Tianzi Di Fantasy Park
What are some highly-rated Spring Outings in Hangzhou?
Some highly-rated Spring Outings in Hangzhou include:The West Lake:4.7, Xixi National Wetland Park:4.6, Liangzhugucheng Ruins Park:4.3, Daqishan National Forest Park:4.5, Tianzi Di Fantasy Park:4.5
At what locations in Hangzhou can Spring Outings in Hangzhou be found?
The Spring Outings in Hangzhou are mainly located in:The West Lake:Hangzhou, Xixi National Wetland Park:Hangzhou, Liangzhugucheng Ruins Park:Hangzhou, Daqishan National Forest Park:Tonglu, Tianzi Di Fantasy Park:Tonglu