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Top 7 Performance in Hangzhou - 2024

Updated Apr 2024
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    "It is very convenient to go to the car to pick up the ticket. The young lady at the door is wearing ancient clothes. It has a special atmosphere. There are several performances in Songcheng. The earthquake is a must-see. The acting skills are very good. There is a carnival at night. It is suitable for a day. There is a place to eat. It is very convenient for everyone to do when they come. Good strategy, try to be good at the show, after all, every show has its own essence"
    Hangzhou.Song City/Zhuantang Town/Zhijiang Tourist Area
    12.8km from downtown
    Highlights: Hangzhou Songcheng Park is a prominent theme park in Hangzhou featuring the cultural characteristics of the Song Dynasty. It is located southwest of the West Lake Scenic Area, with Wuyun Mountain to its north. They have antique markets, tea houses, grocery stores, ironsmith shops, and wine shops that illustrate day-to-day life in the Song Dynasty era. You can enjoy Chinese cultural performances like puppet shows and shadow play or get your heart pumping by watching Chinese boxing. You might also encounter fully armored soldiers patrolling the street or hunting down fugitives. All these add up to give you a wonderful sense of traveling back in time. The large-scale musical “Song City: Thousand Years of Love” is a must-see in Songcheng.
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    "I prefer to watch the ballerina's wonderful dance. There are two merchants selling silk products next to it. The quality is good. Yuehong wine Chinese set meal. The price is affordable and the service is friendly. After watching the performance, there is a taxi on the side of the road to take you back to the hotel."
    Hangzhou.West Lake, Lingyin Temple Scenic Area
    3.2km from downtown
    Highlights: “Impression of the West Lake” is one of the “impression series” jointly created by the famous directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. The theater is located between Yuehu Lake in the northwest area of ​​the West Lake, Fenghe and Sudi. With the lake as a stage, using high-tech sound and light technology and a large number of actors are used to reproduce southern beauty and folklore. Spend a quiet night on the charming West Lake, and the beautiful sceneries and legends of the South will be etched in your memory.
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    "The feeling is very general. There is definitely no Xiaohongshu evaluation so good, the fountain, lighting, performance, and vocal music are all lackluster. It is not worth seeing, but it is also comfortable to take a boat ride in summer night. At some point, there is a scenery."
    Hangzhou.Grand Canal Business Area
    5.8km from downtown
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    "Acrobatic performance with plot and song interpretation. The most special thing is that the seat can change position angles as the plot progresses, so that the audience is always full of surprises. The only fly in the ointment is that the screen resolution is a bit low, the immersive experience is a bit worse, and it would be perfect if it could be improved."
    Hangzhou.Grand Canal Business Area
    6.5km from downtown
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    "This program is only suitable for young people, middle and elderly people should not join in the fun. Every talk show actor is carefully created and expressed. I went with my child and smiled for ten years. Yes, it seems that I am young."
    Hangzhou.West Lake Scenic Area
    2.7km from downtown
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What are some Performance in Hangzhou?
Some Performance in Hangzhou include:Hangzhou Songcheng Park|Impression West Lake|Rumeng Shangtang|X SHOW·HANGZHOU|松果脱口秀
What are some highly-rated Performance in Hangzhou?
Some highly-rated Performance in Hangzhou include:Hangzhou Songcheng Park:4.6|Impression West Lake:4.3|Rumeng Shangtang:4.6|X SHOW·HANGZHOU:4.7|松果脱口秀:4.9
At what locations in Hangzhou can Performance in Hangzhou be found?
The Performance in Hangzhou are mainly located in:Hangzhou Songcheng Park:Hangzhou|Impression West Lake:Hangzhou|Rumeng Shangtang:Hangzhou|X SHOW·HANGZHOU:Hangzhou|松果脱口秀:Hangzhou