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Top 8 Best Things to Do in Manila - 2024

Updated Apr 2024
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    "A day & night view!The Manila Cathedral, officially known as the Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, is located in the Intramuros district of Manila, Philippines. It is one of the oldest and most important churches in the country. The cathedral has undergone several rebuilds due to natural disasters and war damage, with the current structure dating back to 1958.The Manila Cathedral holds a significant place in Philippine history and culture. It has been the venue for many important religious and state events, including papal visits and important government functions. The cathedral's architecture is a blend of various styles, including Romanesque, Neo-Romanesque, and Gothic influences, making it a notable landmark in Manila.Inside, the cathedral features beautiful stained glass windows, intricate carvings, and religious artifacts. It is a place of worship, reflection, and pilgrimage for both locals and tourists interested in exploring the country's religious heritage.The cathedral's historical and cultural importance, along with its stunning architecture, makes it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Philippine history and architecture."
    1.1km from downtown
    Highlights: The Manila Cathedral was built in 1581 near the Citadel of Santiago and is the main building of the Catholic Archdiocese of Manila. The church has experienced constant damage from typhoons, earthquakes and wars, and the building is now rebuilt for the sixth time. The weather-beaten Romanesque architecture and elegant dome are quaint. In front of the church is the Plaza de Roma, which used to be the bullring, and next to it is the ruins of the city hall. The carriage will pass by the church from time to time, adding a strong sense of simplicity. Outside the church, the cathedral has a magnificent ornate appearance. Three huge arches are located above the steps. There are six white statues of believers on the front wall, and two lovely little angels and a solemn cross are carved on the top. Before coming to the arch, look carefully, and there are fine patterns carved on the top of the progressive door. Inside the church Walking into the church, the spacious space and golden tones are very grand. A gilded altar, a pipe organ with 4,500 sound pipes, and rosette-shaped windows with delicate stained glass are all worth admiring. There are also three chapels next to the cathedral, whose mosaics are very beautiful. Religious activities Manila Cathedral has regular religious activities such as mass, confession, baptism, etc. If it is just in time, you can watch it quietly from a distance. Wedding services are also provided here, so it is common to encounter newlyweds holding weddings or taking wedding photos here.
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    "Chinatown is not far from Manila Cathedral, about 15 minutes walk. The whole area is a bit old, the streets are relatively narrow, the environment is very general, except for the Chinese gathering, it is not a good place to go shopping."
    Manila.China Town
    265m from downtown
    Highlights: The oldest recognized Chinatown, Binondo's Chinese enclave was documented as early as 1594, though it was already a focal point of Chinese trading when Spanish explorers first arrived in 1521. Start at Binondo Church and follow the savory scents of oranges and sweetmeats, lychees and mooncakes. The area bordered by Ongpin, Quentin Paredes and Gandara Streets offers the heart of Chinatown, where you can browse to your heart's content and pick up noodles, yellow Chinese gold, and mysterious remedies for illnesses you may not have known you had.
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    "Some of the attraction are closed due to rehabilitation.. according to the staff no fireworks they will be closed at 6 pm..Nevertheless my son enjoyed sea lion show."
    Manila.Manila Bay
    2.4km from downtown
    Highlights: • Bring your loved ones to Manila Ocean Park and make wonderful memories!• Enjoy a fun adventure and learning journey with 8 amazing projects.• An educational, interactive and experiential ocean kingdom.△ Explore various marine life at Manila Ocean Park△ Walking through the winding passages allows you to observe many rare local species up close△ Bring unforgettable memories to your trip to the Philippines
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    "it's amazing place , very relaxing ..summer vacation with my Family and Friends"
    977m from downtown
    Highlights: Santiago Castle is located in the northwest of the ancient city of Intramuros. Construction began in 1571 and was completed by Filipino laborers 150 years later. Santiago Castle is one of the oldest fortifications in the Royal City. Since the Spanish ruled the Philippines, the castle has been a fortress against foreign enemies. Santiago Citadel in memory of Filipinos who were imprisoned and killed during the Spanish and Japanese occupation.
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    "As a national museum, of course, the most worthwhile museum to visit, and is free to visit. The entrance is the oil painting area on the first floor, and the Catholic influence is deeply embedded in the country. Basically there are paintings about Jesus, his birth, suffering, reincarnation, etc. Some exhibition halls are still a story line, and in order to appreciate is a classic work in the Bible. On the first floor, there are also some modern Filipino oil paintings. You can see the Philippine giants and the dresses of politicians, food, clothing, housing and transportation. The second floor is more modern art, except for oil paintings, mainly artworks, crafts, original weapons, etc. There are also pearl shell works, wood carvings and so on. The basement is a collection of mineral specimens. Of course, as our immediate neighbor, the Chinese elements in the museum are also indispensable."
    1.7km from downtown
    Highlights: The National Museum of the Philippines is adjacent to Rizal Park, near Manila's Intramuros. The grand comprehensive museum preserves and displays the cultural history and natural heritage of the Philippines, and houses the famous painting Spoliarium by Juan Luna. The exhibits in the museum are divided into five categories: Art, Botany, Zoology, Geology and Anthropology. Among the many archaeological exhibits is the head of a Tabon Man, the oldest human remains found in the Philippine Islands. Another Filipino-favorite exhibit includes relics and treasures from Spain's Santiago galleon, which sank in Philippine waters in 1600. The National Museum of the Philippines also provides students with artist resumes and works required to study Philippine art, and also provides consulting services to art dealers, collectors, domestic and foreign tourists and art lovers. In addition, the museum hosts free workshops for children every summer to give them a better understanding of the country's artistic traditions.
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What are some Best Things to Do in Manila?
Some Best Things to Do in Manila include:The Manila Cathedral|Chinatown|Manila Ocean Park|Fort Santiago|National Museum of Fine Arts
What are some highly-rated Best Things to Do in Manila?
Some highly-rated Best Things to Do in Manila include:The Manila Cathedral:4.6|Chinatown:4.4|Manila Ocean Park:4.4|Fort Santiago:4.5|National Museum of Fine Arts:4.3
At what locations in Manila can Best Things to Do in Manila be found?
The Best Things to Do in Manila are mainly located in:The Manila Cathedral:Manila|Chinatown:Manila|Manila Ocean Park:Manila|Fort Santiago:Manila|National Museum of Fine Arts:Manila