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Top 14 Hot Springs in Tokyo - 2023

Feeling stressed? Let your worries melt away as you sink into the waters of these relaxing hot springs. A treat for both body and mind.
Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1
    12 Reviews
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    "Qianye Hot Spring has a special day trip hot spring experience, there are open-air hot springs and indoor baths, as well as sauna rooms. This is very powerful. It is best to eat buckwheat noodles. There are many old Japanese houses in front of the Japanese garden. You can eat buckwheat noodles and drink sake while watching the courtyard. There is also accommodation in the evening."
    12.9km from downtown
  • No.2
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    52.5km from downtown
  • No.3
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    25.1km from downtown
  • No.4
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    45km from downtown
  • No.5
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    30.5km from downtown
  • No.6
    8 Reviews
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    "Clear water soup is a century-old bathhouse that has been in business for a hundred years. The whole hall uses soft water, high concentration carbonated springs, silk hot springs, which can reduce skin problems and make the skin beautiful. Japanese bathhouses do not provide free bathing supplies, so it is best to bring your own. The service desk sells very expensive."
    7.7km from downtown
    Highlights: The hot springs located in the residential area of Musashi Koyama, you can experience sea water hot springs and great rock baths, and the price is very affordable, and the cost performance is particularly high.
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  • No.7
    13 Reviews
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    "The shrine was built in the fifth century BC. Before Buddhism was introduced to Japan, the shrine has now been managed by Sakahara. The Japanese courtyard inside is also long-standing and has a small hot spring, but you can not go in the hot springs casually. You need to make an appointment in advance. There are also many stone carvings of Buddha statues in the courtyard"
    13.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Adjacent to the Japanese garden designed by Japanese gardener Kenzo Ogata, you can enjoy beautiful scenery and natural hot springs throughout the year. The bathing area provides European-style healing baths and Japanese-style hot springs with garden views from the Japanese-style courtyard, as well as services such as sauna, rock bath, and Thai-style SPA.
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  • No.8
    1 Reviews
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    "[View] Definitely recommended for anyone looking for relaxation. [Fun] Oyata Onsen Myoujin no Yu The interior and exterior areas are clean and pleasant, and varied on different bathtubs. Have a great time."
    14km from downtown
  • No.9
    2 Reviews
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    "The customer service at the front desk is the worst! There is no explanation of payment at all, and it takes less than 15 seconds to explain "Go along the line!" And "Line up over there!" ? "Our store can pay with the payment machine. Please put your locker card in the box next to the payment machine. You can exit the ticket gate with the QR code of the receipt." The bath was good, What is the front desk clerk who can't explain this much for?"
    13.8km from downtown
  • No.10
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    "I visited about twice this week. There were multiple indoor baths and many open-air baths, all of which were elaborate. The night view of Hashimoto from the observation bath was very beautiful, coupled with the beautifully glittering half-moon and the blooming cherry blossoms. After a long bath, toast with non-alcoholic beer! Both Japanese restaurants and free rest areas had delicious menus. Feel like a petit trip on the weekend! I was able to spend a happy time."
    38.6km from downtown
  • No.11
    9 Reviews
    "Tokyo Modong District, the famous Japanese traditional bathhouse near SkyTree, overlooking SkyTree, clean body meditation, 460 yen (less than 30 yuan) hot spring ♨️ enjoy"
    4.9km from downtown
  • No.12
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    45.1km from downtown
  • No.13
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    29.1km from downtown
  • No.14
    20 Reviews
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    "Often travel will probably consider some cost-effective and itinerary problems, such as the first and last two plane times of the trip and the hotel or morning or evening connection is not good, it is inevitable that there is nowhere to go, Pinghe Island Hot Spring near Haneda Airport is a model of operation for the connection choice, open 24 hours, Airport transfer, hot spring + meals + rest and relaxation, if the schedule is tight or the plane is red eyes, you may wish to consider it (the hot spring is not good to take pictures, sorry)."
    9.9km from downtown
    Highlights: The 24-hour hot spring is perfect for you who want to travel around and go shopping during the day. The good thing is that this store is very close to Haneda Airport, and there is a free shuttle to the airport in the morning! The hot spring source of the natural hot spring Heihe Island was excavated on October 3, 1986. On February 8, 1987, the depth reached 2,000 meters, and high-quality strong food springs gushed out. The museum is divided into 4 areas: rest area, relaxation area, eating area, large bath area. There is a sofa TV in the lounge area for relaxation. Massages in the soothing area include Balinese massage, Korean skin care, Oriental rehabilitation, foot, hand and head care, and Thai healing massage. Scrub and other services. In the eating area, you can enjoy delicious food after exhaustion. In the large public bath area, there are adaptation pool, bubble bath, lying down bath, whole body bath, partial bath, pressure bath, and Charles de Gaulle bath.
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What are some Hot Springs in Tokyo?
Some Hot Springs in Tokyo include:Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro|Seoto-no-yu|Toki-no-irodori Natural Hot Spring Inagi|Keio Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu|Kunitachi Onsen Yura-no-Sato
What are some highly-rated Hot Springs in Tokyo?
Some highly-rated Hot Springs in Tokyo include:Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro:4.7|Musashi-Koyama Onsen Shimizu-yu:4.9|Toshimaen Niwa-no-yu:4.7|Oyata onsen Myojin Hot Spring:5.0|Roten Garden Natural Hot Spring:5.0
At what locations in Tokyo can Hot Springs in Tokyo be found?
The Hot Springs in Tokyo are mainly located in:Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro:Tokyo|Seoto-no-yu:Akiruno|Toki-no-irodori Natural Hot Spring Inagi:Inagi|Keio Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu:Hachioji|Kunitachi Onsen Yura-no-Sato:Kunitachi