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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Yangbi [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Yangbi. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
  • No.1
    11254 Review
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    "A rough understanding of the architectural culture of various ethnic groups, very similar to the window of the world in Shenzhen, many basic services in the park have to spend money not so cheap, it was very tired before, at least 3-4 an hour, but if you soak in it for a day, it is still possible. In addition, there is a distance from Dianchi Lake. There is a car outside but there is still a charge. There is a calligrapher's composition on the boat that can be bought for 200 yuan."
    Kunming.Dianchi Lake Scenic Area/ Sunac World
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: A tourist spot where you can experience the vibrant diversity of 26 ethnic groups in Yunnan
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  • No.2
    3009 Review
    "May 1st with the baby to play and do not want to go too far, so I chose the colorful Yunnan Happy World. I booked a two-day and one-night package. The baby happened to be 1.2 meters, so I directly booked a three-person package. I thought that I would encounter countless pits when I came out to play. This really refreshed my understanding of Yunnan tourism. The dishes in the scenic area are not necessarily expensive and unpalatable. It turns out that the service staff can be so hospitable. I will talk about the process carefully below and hope to help friends who come for the first time. We are afraid of traffic jams on the road. We will leave at 6 o'clock in the morning on May 1st. We will drive here at about 8:50. The traffic is medium. We will go to the front desk of the hotel first. There is just a room. We will open the room directly. The hotel is apartment-style, two rooms and one living room, more spacious. After putting things in, take the free bus at the entrance of the hotel to Happy World. I met two enthusiastic Kunming children who introduced us to the play route. There are tour guides on both sides of the gate. You can see the introduction and play what you want to play. My baby does not like to play exciting. So most of them are playing some not too crowded projects, the staff inside are particularly enthusiastic, everyone can ask if they don't understand. We chose the knife duck for the package included. The three people couldn't finish it at all. They didn't have any hope. The result was not bad. A few big shows must be seen. It is really worth it."
    Kunming.Colorful Yunnan Paradise
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: Colorful Yunnan Happy World Theme Park is located on the side of Huanhu Lake Road in Jinning District, Kunming. It features "ancient Yunnan culture", "national culture" and "regional culture", and plans seven themed zones in a unique and novel way: Yunnan Army Camp , Magical Dian Qiyu, Children's Dream World, Vientiane Tribe, Frostland, Frost Moon Island, Four Seasons Flower Sea, and created an entertainment center for children - FEC Paradise. There are 81 amusement projects in the park, including super-large equipment such as wide-wing roller coaster, blue fire roller coaster, twin-tower space shuttle, etc. At the same time, for young people and families and children, there are also FEC projects, flying theaters, and multimedia interactive projects in the project. Project, indoor folk song and dance theater, outdoor theater, float parade, etc.
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  • No.3
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    "The scenic spot is good, the location is easy to find, parking is convenient, and there are cherry blossoms to see, most animals can buy food and feed interactive, the experience is very good, a good trip, there is a chance to go"
    Kunming.Kunming Wild Animal Park/The Golden Temple scenic spot
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: The Yunnan Zoo is located in the northeast of Kunming City, adjacent to the Golden Temple Park. The animals here live like thy do in nature, and rare animals such as black snub-nosed monkey, Asian elephant, red pandas, and green peacock can all be seen from up close! The park is divided into Black Bear Mountain, Rare Animal Area, Jurassic Park, Peacock Garden, Deer Park, Panda Hall, and Lion Tiger Mountain Villa.
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  • No.4
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    "The environment is not bad, there are not many people going early, but the venue is a bit small, some are not open, and I didn't see the panda. There is no planned tour route, and a few small pavilions will be missed for a while. A lot of children came at ten o'clock, and the cockroaches were very lively."
    Kunming.Cuihu District
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: The Kunming Zoo is also known as the Yuantong Mountain Zoo. The trees on the Yuantong Mountain are densely covered with flowers in all seasons of the year. The cherry blossoms in the spring are especially famous and the environment is very beautiful. There are more than 140 animals in the animal exhibition area, including Yunnan's local elephants, bisons, hornbills and, red pandas. There are also snub-nosed monkeys, Siberian tigers, kangaroos, turkeys, cougars, and many other animals from around the world! In addition, there are many small entertainment facilities in the park.
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  • No.5
    1001 Review
    "At four o'clock in the afternoon, the staff said that there is still half an hour to wait and save a lot of money. It is very beautiful inside, very suitable for parents and children to play, and a great dolphin show. The most impressive thing is the interaction between dolphins and performers. There are other small animals, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc."
    Kunming.Dianchi Lake Scenic Area/ Sunac World
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: Kunming Sunac Sea World is a comprehensive sea world created by Sunac Group in Kunming, integrating large-scale performances, amusement equipment, animals and fish displays. Sea World covers a total area of 40,000 square meters and can accommodate nearly 4,000 tourists at the same time. The split-level design in the Sea World Pavilion is divided into three areas (ocean tour area, tropical rainforest area, and island coral area), with six major themes and features, and a total of 78 exhibition tanks are displayed. You can swim more than 10,000 rare marine life without going out of Kunming You can experience the wonderful global underwater travel. At the same time, there are rare native fish species in Yunnan, which is the second classroom for children, a paradise for family gatherings, and a museum of nature. In the Bird Paradise in the tropical rainforest, there are more than 400 rare birds from all continents of the world, and more than 30 kinds of cute pet animals are looking forward to interacting closely with tourists. The exotic insects and cute pet animals in the tropical rainforest gather together , a hundred birds chirping, marine animal stars and rainforest animal stars performing brilliantly side by side; parent-child mobilization, playing with 8 dynamic entertainment items, bringing a rich sensory experience through a variety of interactive methods and scenes. At the same time, there is also a star project - flying over Yunnan, "flying" to the wonderland to experience the colorful Yunnan, and experience the audio-visual three-dimensional experience of "going up to the earth". In the international high-tech flight theater equipped with a 20-meter LED dome screen, you can enjoy the suspended experience and six-degree-of-freedom flight simulation. You can enjoy the Cangshan Erhai Lake in Dali, the Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang, and the scenery of Yunnan from the perspective of God. Tourists who enter the park on their birthday can receive a beautiful gift at the visitor center with their ID card. For details, please consult the scenic spot. (Limited to Kunming Sunac Sea World)
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  • No.6
    363 Review
    "This park is built on the mountain, and there are many houses and castles about small people. There are also good-looking performances, so that some people who are not tall have a job to survive. There are also amusement facilities for children to play in the park 🛝 suitable for playing ❤"
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: Window on China Theme Park was formerly known as the World Butterfly Ecological Park Scenic Spot. It has a beautiful environment, fresh air and lush vegetation. It is a large-scale eco-agricultural sightseeing park integrating tourism, sightseeing, leisure and youth science education. In this pocket kingdom, all furnishings are small and cute, and children can come and play freely.
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  • No.7
    159 Review
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    "Kunming Botanical Garden is worth a visit. The air is fresh, the vegetation is dense, the category is rich, the flowers are beautiful, it is refreshing, and it is especially interesting to increase knowledge, understand the plant, understand the environment and way of living. Like it here, recommended!"
    Kunming.Yunnan University of Finance and Economics Area
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: Kunming Botanical Garden is located on Longquan Road, Panlong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. In the garden is an extensive collection of living plants, including many famous flowers, trees, and rare and endangered plants from Yunnan. There are many kinds of plants in the park, with dozens of specially themed botanical gardens. Each passing season brings its own unique changes to the landscape and the entire garden is very popular among photographers.
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  • No.8
    1191 Review
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    "Feel like a low-end version of Disney, very cost-effective! Very fun! It is worth taking the children to play once! After playing, there are many taxis at the door, and the hotel is directly set in Lufeng. The air in the small county is very good. At night, I will experience the Yi Torch Festival in the ancient city."
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: The Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley is a large-scale, dinosaur-themed cultural tourism park. It is located on Konglong (Dinosaur) Mountain in Chuanjie Township's Ana Village within Chuxiong Prefecture's Lufeng County. This is a place where the kingdom of dinosaurs, the world of the Jurassic age and the rise and fall of the planet's amazing creatures can be experienced. Dinosaur Valley is divided into two major areas: the “Dinosaur Dig Scientific Research Area” and the “Jurassic World Tourist Area.” The Dinosaur Dig has more than 60 Lufengosaurus skeletons, which have been pieced together by teams of paleontologists. It is very spectacular. In the tourist area, visitors can learn a great deal about the life dinosaurs led hundreds of millions of years ago. There are a large number of artificially constructed waterfalls, rivers, lakes and a vast number of Jurassic-era plants.
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  • No.9
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    "Really in the hot springs in the mountains and forests. There are a lot of people. It is more convenient to eat. It is recommended to go. It is expected to be an hour drive from Kunming. We traveled from Kunming and left a day alone. Friends who have time can go there."
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: Anning City is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of the Kunming municipality. It is also considered the home of hot springs, among the most well-known is the Jinfang Forest hot Spring. The environment here is exhilarating, the many and varied soaking pools surrounded by forests, and even including a children's pool with dinosaurs, octopuses, a pirate ship, a giant turtle, and other attractions kids love.
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  • No.10
    760 Review
    "The spring city of the four seasons is like spring. There is a romance of ice and snow to play in the four seasons. Parking is very convenient. You can eat, drink and play. You can look east and west. You can get a day. The spring city of the four seasons is like spring. There is always less romance brought by ice and snow. It doesn't matter, the latest opened Kunming Sunac Cultural Tourism City, without making up for the regret of not seeing snow in Spring City, but also creating a fantasy sea world at the same time, let you will ice and snow and the sea, the two most romantic worlds, once let you play enough, alas! The first time I came, I looked at this good-looking, looked at the fun, looked at the ethnic dance, took pictures, and had a special feature. It is recommended that tourists play. You can go to the Ocean World in the morning and choose a gourmet shop in the beautiful Guxu Commercial Street of Sunac Cultural Tourism City at noon. After a full meal to enrich your physical strength, Go to the ice and snow world in the afternoon to play for an afternoon. The first time we had no experience, we first went to Guyan Commercial Street. We were tired and full. We were tired and couldn't play until later. Throwing rice noodles, I don't want to move anymore."
    Kunming.Dianchi Lake Scenic Area/ Sunac World
    >100km from Yangbi
    Highlights: Kunming Hot Snow Miracle is an all-indoor, all-season ice and snow theme ski resort that integrates ice and snow cultural displays, ice entertainment activities, skiing and fun ice and snow entertainment experiences. The total construction area is 30,000 square meters, equivalent to 71 standard basketball courts. The exterior is designed based on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and the interior packaging is designed with candy as the theme. Through cartoon skiing theme wall paintings, rich lighting design, smart ice sculptures and ice buildings, and various skiing and entertainment activities, it creates a cheerful and lively entertainment atmosphere, bringing everyone a unique and warm entertainment experience.There are three ski slopes in the ski theme area. Among them, the Elk Trail (intermediate trail) is 140m long and 40m wide; the Bear Trail (beginner trail) is 80m long and 40m wide; the Terrain Park Trail is 60m long and 16.5m wide. There are also snow entertainment projects such as the Snow Play Slope, Cangshan Snow Drift, Vitality Hill, Meili Snow Slope, Ice and Snow Carnival, and Snow Challenge, which not only satisfy the different snow entertainment experiences of the whole family, but also allow professional players to experience the real skiing experience, turning skiing into a happy daily life for Kunming people.The Rexue Miracle Sports Ski Training Center gathers professional ski league coaches and professional ski athletes from home and abroad. It helps novice skiers upgrade to ski experts through safe and meticulous teaching services, a relaxed and interesting teaching atmosphere, and rigorous and scientific technical analysis.The snow entertainment theme area uses colorful candy theme packaging to create a colorful ice and snow carnival. The snow entertainment area plans multiple ice and snow experience projects. It turns out that there are so many "positions" to play in the snow. Find the ice and snow dream in the dream movie world!The Attraction has two ski trails: 1 beginner trail and 1 intermediate trail.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Yangbi?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Yangbi include:Yunnan Ethnic Village, Qicai Yunnan Huanle World, Yunnan Zoo, Kunming Zoo, Kunming Rongchuanghai World
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Yangbi?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Yangbi include:Yunnan Ethnic Village:4.5, Qicai Yunnan Huanle World:4.7, Yunnan Zoo:4.3, Kunming Zoo:4.1, Kunming Rongchuanghai World:4.4
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Yangbi located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Yangbi are mainly located in:Yunnan Ethnic Village:Kunming, Qicai Yunnan Huanle World:Kunming, Yunnan Zoo:Kunming, Kunming Zoo:Kunming, Kunming Rongchuanghai World:Kunming