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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Yuzhong [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Yuzhong. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
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    "Originally for rabbits, snow leopards and desert cats, these unique animals on the plateau, did not expect to exceed expectations! The zoo is very clean and tidy, and it can be seen that it is taking care of it. The battery car in the park greatly rescued the leg that had to be broken after a few days of travel. I met several battery car uncles who were very enthusiastic and energetic, and their goodwill for the zoo was instantly full. The giant panda is still top-ranking, and the children are the most connected. I bought a more tasteless stamp card and drank 38 yuan of yak milk tea. The giant panda cup is definitely a feature! The children like it very much. I also carefully read the introduction of the rescue snow leopard and desert cat. I was moved and shh. I hope this safari park will get better and better. The earth is not only the home of mankind, but of all living things. The only suggestion is that there are relatively few toilets, and it is a bit inconvenient to bring children. I also hope that more interaction and participation can be added. Through science and animal knowledge, especially those unique to Qinghai and the plateau, or the official platform of the new media filming and introducing animals daily. It helps everyone to grow knowledge and cultivate a sense of harmony with nature."
    >100km from Yuzhong
    Highlights: The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wildlife Park is located in Xishan, Xining. It is a beautiful zoo with some special animals such as snow leopards and desert cats. It is not easy to see in other cities. The size of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Safari Park is not large. There are mainly beasts and aboriginal areas, such as the Beasts Reserve Area, and the Aquarium. The famous beasts are scattered areas. Currently, the plank road is built. Visitors can watch the beasts on the plank road.
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    "Overall good, there are fewer people, some of them are not open or closed, we stayed for a long time, take a taxi back and forth, about 30 minutes drive from the city, the amusement facilities are not too much, basically no performances."
    >100km from Yuzhong
    Highlights: Xining Xinhualian Children's Dream Park is the first large-scale theme park in Qinghai. It is located in the core part of Xinhualian International Tourism City, covering a total area of 352.32 acres. Children's Dream Water World, Children's Dream Kingdom, Xinhualian International Tourism City Hotel Group and other large-scale cultural tourism and entertainment complexes integrating food, accommodation, tourism, shopping and entertainment. The park has built a high-altitude marine science museum, a large-scale indoor water park with context, a Silk Road town themed on the “Belt and Road”, and 56 ethnic style streets with ethnic architectural features and folk customs, forming an all-season and all-customer-level tourism. A leisure destination, a family vacation destination in the Northwest Territories.
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    1285 Review
    "Dunhuang Shazhou Wild Luxury Camp, the design of the desert hotel combines desert culture and art elements, making people shine. Close contact with nature: living in a desert RV, we can get close to the desert and feel the charm of nature. Value for money: Although the price is higher, it still feels good value for money considering the unique experience and excellent service."
    Lanzhou.West Railway Station
    39.3km from Yuzhong
    Highlights: Lanzhou Ocean World is a unique arctic-themed park, the first of its kind in Northwestern China. The park has all kinds of marine life from icy, polar regions. It also has special kinds of performances and entertaining activities suitable for the whole family. The marine life that can be seen and enjoyed here includes seals, adorable penguins, jellyfish and much more. Areas which visitors may enjoy at Lanzhou Ocean World include the Tropical Ocean, Rivers and Lakes, Dream of the Jellyfish, Under the Sea Dive and Beach Living.
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    "Overall it is still very good, the environment is OK, the service is not bad, the things displayed in the museum are really good, the variety is very complete, the knowledge point is also very comprehensive, that is, there is no explanation, and I forgot after reading it! The baby likes to see it! It feels like a museum, I feel that the price is a bit high!"
    Xining.Biological Park Area
    >100km from Yuzhong
    Highlights: Located in the Biotech Industrial Park at the northern end of Xining City, the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Nature Museum is a large-scale nature museum that displays many unique specimens from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. It is an excellent destination for learning more about the environment of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The museum has a total of three floors. There are many exhibition halls within the museum such as Wuhua Tianbao Hall, Great Treasures of the Land, Wonders of the Salt Lake, Azure Sea, Heights of the Plateau, and Snow and Ice Belt. Items on display within the exhibitions mainly include animal and plant specimens, ore specimens, salt crystal specimens and panoramic examples of natural landscapes. The taxidermied Tibetan antelopes, taxidermied snow leopards and Qinghai salt crystals are not to be missed.
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    673 Review
    "The environment is very good, the service is thoughtful, the staff is warm, and there are thirty or forty hot springs with different effects. Recommended cloud water secret, there is private space to rest, the roof can also see the ripples shaking, there is a separate bathroom in the room can take a bath, the outside of the small room is a "private pool", the water quality is cleaner than the outside. very good! recommend!"
    >100km from Yuzhong
    Highlights: Tianshui Maiji Mountain is famous for its Maiji Mountain Grottoes. Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Resort Hotel is famous at home and abroad for its unique natural hot springs. Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Resort Hotel is located in the beautiful Tianshui, Jiangnan, on the south of the Saishang River. It faces the Maiji Mountain with thousands of niches and treasures in the south, Du Fu Thatched Cottage in the north, Shimen Peak in the east, and Fuxi Zuguatai Mountain in the west. The resort hotel has convenient transportation, 21 kilometers away from the railway station, and only 15 kilometers away from Maiji Grottoes, one of the four major grottoes in the country. It is an ideal holiday resort for tourists. Tianshui Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Resort Hotel borrows the magic of hot springs, the pastoral pastoral, the tranquility, the green mountains and valleys, and the fragrant grass, which are all fascinating.The newly built Maijishan Hot Spring Resort Hotel is divided into two parts: indoor and outdoor. The indoor hot spring hall (steel greenhouse) shows authentic tropical style. Coconut trees, waves, spa, and water recreation facilities form a hot spring paradise for the whole family. The resort's outdoor hot spring pool and hot spring house present a strong Chinese classical style. The small bridges, winding corridors, and the curling water vapor in the shade of green trees make you feel like you are in a fairyland. Maijishan Hot Spring has created a herb health area, a fragrant streamside area, a mountain hot spring area, etc., with an open-air ecological garden as the keynote, providing customers with a variety of bathing products and services. The resort hotel and conference and Dining center will meet the needs of business reception, group leisure, foreign affairs reception, etc.
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  • No.6
    81 Review
    "Although it is not big, the ticket price is also right. The grass for feeding the sika deer is five yuan. The children and adults feel very happy. It is worth taking the children to see. You must feed the sika deer."
    >100km from Yuzhong
    Highlights: The Sika Deer Ecological Park of the Ger Tribe in Ruoergai is an AAA-level tourist scenic spot under the Ger Tribe Sika Deer Ecological Tourism Co., Ltd. in Ruoergai. It is located 36 kilometers north of Ruoergai County and 6 kilometers from the Huahu Attraction. It is located on the main tourist transportation route of the three provinces of Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai. It covers an area of ​​more than 260 acres and has domesticated and bred 80 Sichuan subspecies sika deer. The Attraction was officially approved as a national AAA-level tourist Attraction by the Aba Prefecture Tourism Scenic Attraction Quality Rating Committee in November 2018. It has formed a comprehensive attraction based on the Ger Dam and Tiebu Sika Deer Nature Reserve, and connected Langmusi, Huahu, Jiuqu, Heta Hot Spring, and Zasage Attraction. It is based on ecotourism and vacation, and aims to combine culture and tourism; it has built a Tibetan sika deer ecotourism and cultural development industry that integrates "promoting and inheriting Tibetan religious culture and folk culture, popularizing and promoting Tibetan sika deer culture, ecotourism and vacation cultural sightseeing, Tibetan sika deer product exhibition and sales, and Tibetan sika deer brand communication". The best tourist season for the Sika Deer Ecological Park is from April to November. Due to its unique geographical location, visitors can personally feel the clear sky and fresh air. Between heaven and earth, there are green grass, colorful flowers, faint fragrance, and endless sight. Affected by the monsoon climate, there is sufficient heat, abundant water, and lush vegetation. Sika deer are agile and run fast. They are distributed in groups in the Attraction. Visitors can see a large number of sika deer every day, small spherical feces and sleeping marks, and can hear the deer calls. The population of sika deer in the Attraction has reached about 80 (the population in the protected area is 1,050, which is the largest wild sika deer population in the world). It has a very high scientific research value and is an inevitable classroom for popular science education and an ideal place for eco-tourism.
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  • No.7
    470 Review
    "In Lanzhou New District, although the journey is a bit far away, but overall there are many play projects, the play projects are very full, and it is very safe. It is a water park worth playing. It is a good choice to bring your wife and children to play during the holiday."
    Yongdeng.Lanzhou New Area
    81.2km from Yuzhong
    Highlights: Located in Lanzhou New District, Lanzhou Water Park Dinosaur has indoor and outdoor water parks as well as many water amusement facilities such as wave making, rafting, sliding and water play for children. Not only can you experience the excitement of the water facilities, but you can also enjoy the relaxing moments of bathing in the hot springs and bring your children a good time for leisure.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Yuzhong?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Yuzhong include:Xining Wildlife Park, Xining Xinhua Liantong Meng Amusement Park, Lanzhou Polar Ocean World, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Nature Museum, Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Hotel
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Yuzhong?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Yuzhong include:Xining Wildlife Park:4.5, Xining Xinhua Liantong Meng Amusement Park:4.7, Lanzhou Polar Ocean World:4.1, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Nature Museum:4.3, Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Hotel:4.6
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Yuzhong located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Yuzhong are mainly located in:Xining Wildlife Park:Xining, Xining Xinhua Liantong Meng Amusement Park:Xining, Lanzhou Polar Ocean World:Lanzhou, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Nature Museum:Xining, Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Hotel:Tianshui