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Al Noor MosqueNearby City

Al Noor Mosque

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Open on Mon-Thu, Sun,8:00am-11:00am (Local time)
Cherry Zhu
"Explore the treasures of Sharjah, the UAE resort! It’s only half an hour from Dubai. Do you know where the locals love the Dubai back garden? It is Sharjah. As the third largest emirate in the UAE, it was once the promised land of Islamic civilization. Now it is amazingly open and has long been known as the "Singapore of the Middle East"! Regarding the environment: walking on the beach in Sharjah, the wind is blowing across the hair, soft and waxy. It is said that if you want to know whether the emirate is rich or not, just look at the local vegetation rate. High-rise buildings and large buildings do not necessarily explain whether the local tyrants or not. The greening rate in the city is the correct answer. After all, to feed a tree here, up to more than 2,000 US dollars per year, is comparable to feeding a child. In Sharjah, there are tall palms everywhere, and everything is pleasant. Regarding the gameplay: What’s more open than Dubai is that most of the mosques here are free to enter. Girls only need to wear long skirts and gowns to go in and hear the sound of the call and the light and shadow. The most popular among tourists is Al Noor Mosque. It has a total of 34 domes adorned with light-transmitting glass windows, and the interior is surrounded by suspended geometric flower arches. Don't be afraid that the journey is too far, it happens to be located on the bank of Khalid Lagoon. Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 8:00-11:30, closed on Friday and Saturday. How to get there: Take E303, E303A, E307, E400 from Sharjah Al Jubail bus station and get off at King Faisl bus station, then walk for another 12 minutes to get there, or take a taxi, the fare is about 10 dirhams. Regarding temperature: From November to April of the following year, Dubai has a pleasant and sunny climate at this time, but it is also the local tourist season, with an average temperature of 7-20°C. Remember to avoid Ramadan, it will not be affected by closing the door during the day, and it will be more fun to play."