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Mushroom Jun's Australia Travel
Australia, Queensland

Queensland, Australia, a vast, wild, passionate and fascinating territory.
Say goodbye to the traditional way of beach travel under the umbrellas, and use the body to perceive the adrenaline bursts of all outdoor adventures.

Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands, where you can rent a luxury yacht with a captain and crew to travel anywhere on the 74 islands.
Abel Point Marina is the starting point for most yachts. This is the largest pier in North Queensland, parked in a variety of boats. If you don't have a lot of luggage, you can rent a balance car and ride all the way to feel the different modes of transportation for Queenslanders.
New day, learn a new skill, this is the sporty Queensland~
Posted: 24 Dec, 2018
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Airlie Beach,Recommendations
Airlie Beach Lagoon
Airlie Beach Resort Guide! is a treasure in the Whitsunday Islands of Queensland, Australia, in addition to sunny beaches, Airlie Beach also has private yachts, skydiving, snorkeling diving, wildlife, starry galaxy and other activities and natural landscapes! You won't know that life here will be so rich before you come. After you come, maybe you don't want to go! Transportation: From PPP Airport to Airlie Beach, you can take the shuttle bus directly at the airport gate. There are two stores, the price is the same, will be sent directly to your hotel : There are many small shops in this town worth a visit. I recommend the shop next to McDonald's in Main Street, where the color and style of the beach dress are very good, and there are discounts! Foraging: In addition to the BBQ restaurant, the Woolworths supermarket in the town centre can meet all your needs, complete items, what you eat, and affordable! : Airlie Beach Magnums strongly recommend Magnums on this main street. This is a backpacker-oriented accommodation and catering. The hotel is not visible outside, but there is no hole in the sky. It is a tropical jungle. From vegetation to turkey, the ecological environment is really great! Each room is a different size cabin, different people share a room, basically come to the young people around the world! Minhang: 1Ayrley town walk / Hh/Ayrley is within 5 km of the beach and there are plenty of beaches and piers worth visiting: 200th Anniversary Boardwalk Bicentennial Walkway Coral Sea Marina Coral Sea Marina Airlie Beach Lagoon Airlie Beach Lagoon Boataven Beach To the east, you can come to Airlie Wharf, where many yachts are parked, specifically Google CEOs private yacht used to stop Airlie; Whitsundays sailing The club Whitsunday Sailing Club is also nearby; of course, you can also do it, so you can look for a piece of open space, sunbathing, blowing the sea breeze... of course, Airlie has other attractions, such as Conway National Park, Lions Lookout, Lions Lookout, etc., but it is too far from the town center, you need to drive in the past, if you take a week in Airlie, you can consider going! 2Ayrley Night Tour On a very popular night tour of Jiangsu Satellite TV, a local resident who has lived in the local area for 20 years, led hands to dig wild oysters, in private Australia The farm smells the rainforest herbs, visits a variety of animals at night, and enjoys BBQ seafood dinners on the farm and watch the Galaxy Galaxy! After the dinner, the Daren will take the local wild kangaroo area to find the jungle kangaroo! 3 "Flowers and Teenagers" with the same paragraph also came and found that the scenery here is more beautiful than Sydney, so it is recommended to live in Elliott for a few days!
Airlie Beach,Recommendations
Airlie Beach Lagoon
The heart-shaped Great Barrier Reef and the most beautiful white beaches must be seen in your life! Departure Come to Australia to see the heart-shaped Great Barrier Reef, the best place to start is not Cairns, but Airlie Beach! Experience Heart-shaped barrier reef is really small, but at the moment you look, you will feel great value! This is the perfect gift from nature! In addition to watching the Great Barrier Reef, there is one of the world's longest white sand beaches in the waters around the Whitsunday Islands. The fine white sand on the shore is also good for the sand I have seen. From the sky, you can also see the flower-like underwater scenery. Especially shocking! Hours The current established airline company GSL Aviation, which combines the above-mentioned aircraft and cruise ships, provides the most essential route for travellers who want to experience the beauty of the Whitsunday Islands without much vacation. Get it all! The price is still the most cost-effective in several companies in the Whitsunday Islands! The itinerary is very compact, the barrier reef, the beach, snorkeling, sunset, perfect! - Morning flight overlooking the heart-shaped Great Barrier Reef and White Paradise Beach - Midday speedboat departs for white beaches (providing vertical paddle boards), lunch, afternoon snorkeling - Finally, head to the national park Hike to the Hill Inlet viewing platform - Return to Airlie Beach in the evening We also watched the Australian fighters on the Hill Inlet viewing platform, so cool! Season The best season to come to the Holy Spirit Islands in Queensland, from June to October, in which July, August and September are due to the winter tides, the visibility of the sea is high, and the whales can be seen on the sea!
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