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Grotta AzzurraNearby City

Grotta Azzurra

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Ranked #11 in Naples Can't Miss Attractions
"Miceska! Unexpectedly-the first noun in Kguoxue was the name of a cat. It's especially good, and I flipped around to tan my belly. The landlord in Split gave a mouth to the blue hole, and rushed to the last train to report an island-hopping speedboat group. Miceska was on the first island. There are only 600 residents on the small island, and some move to big cities for their children to study. It seems that which country the school district is in is a problem. However, it does not prevent the remaining residents and tourists from drinking and singing every night. The Blue Cave is a small rock chamber. When the weather is good, sunlight refracts in from the cracks under the water surface, forming a fluorescent effect, and light-tending little fish patrolling around. Although it only went in for ten minutes, the vision was too immortal. Our sailor sister said that there are monk sea lions lying on their stomachs in other caves, but they haven't seen it this day. Hwa Island is the one that takes a long time to stop and is easier to visit. There are two other spots where you can swim and snorkel briefly. The foreigner on the ship shook out all his equipment at this time, and Bang jumped into the water of eighteen or nine degrees. Okay, your body is good for you So what, the Adriatic Sea, it is so blue and so clear. Then, speedboat it, it is so bumpy."