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In the afternoon, Kami, after the hotel settled in the luggage, prepared to go out for food and see it for almost dinner time. Opposite the hotel is very lively, catering, hairdressing massage, etc. are basically available to meet the needs, but also to pick in these stores, the first meal was chosen in massaman, it is said that the reputation is good, like the restaurants in Southeast Asia, airy without air conditioning But there is a huge fan to regulate the air. Sitting under the vent is not too hot. The points are very Thai specialties. Water spinach, very tender, small spicy, Thai food must be. Lime squid, sour and refreshing, the fish is very tender, and it tastes more fish than meat. Curry crab, sea crab is not particularly big, but 4 people are enough. The curry concentration is quite high, and the egg liquid is added together to increase the thickness; the Tom Yum Kung soup, the national soup must come with a bit, sour and spicy, there are many shrimps, and there are many lemongrass. Pineapple paella, placed in a half pineapple, is not sloppy. Finally, a dessert - mango rice, is also very traditional, and the mango is very sweet. Drinks have green Thai milk tea and iced lemon tea, which is good. The price is also quite high. One of the waiters can speak simple Chinese, so there is no obstacle in Chinese and English communication. Alipay cannot be used, and cash can be used.
Posted: 10 May, 2019
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Ao Nang,Recommendations
Krabi shop | Cheap and cheap Burger bung, the local favorite dining hall / hc / came to Krabi, the first meal was handed over to the local net red restaurant Burger Bung. This restaurant is located next to the Ao Nang Mosque. The restaurant is full of people and the locals are all locals. You know that it is right to follow the locals! Burger bung with a small facade is actually a big inside! Bar seats, tea restaurant seats, open-air seats, Thai-style "tatami" seats are available. Opening the menu really feels its hatred for those who have difficulty choosing, the choice is really too much! Seeing the menu of Beishang Guangshen, I feel that the price of Burger bung is close to the people. Cheese mashed potatoes 59 baht cheese is a lot of ingredients, delicate mashed potatoes with rich sauce, the first time to eat spicy and spicy, the younger brother is addicted Now! Oil prawn rice 60 baht For our Guangdong er, this dish is a bit spicy! But the pepper tastes fragrant and seductive and slowly spreads out at the tip of the tongue. People can't help but squirt and can't help but continue to eat! vegetable chicken rice 55 baht A dish specially made for children, there are vegetables and chicken and it is safe and not spicy. It is suitable for my female Han paper! Tuna fish pizza 69 baht In my eyes, full of tuna and cheese toast, fully capture the heart of the cheese party! The tuna fish inside is blocky, not silk or broken, and the taste is very good.
Min Hua Emily
Ao Nang,Recommendations
The Hilltop
The small partner will make an appointment in advance by email, and the next day will send a car to the hotel to pick up a meal and then send it back. This service is free. The uphill and downhill slopes are quite steep. It is far away, farther than I thought, but it is more tired when I walk. More than 5 o'clock to the mountain, you can have a bird's eye view of the sea and the village building below, there is an excavator with a little bit of scenery. The big name logo is that everyone must punch the card, the red is particularly eye-catching, passing by to help a few foreigners take pictures, I did not shoot myself. There is also a table and chair on the side, and it is not bad for the lover to pat the soap. The environment is a bit semi-open. It is recommended to use the pre-spraying point of the exposed legs to repel the mosquito water. The bathroom is going to step down. Before you sit down, observe it. There are ants, because there are flowers everywhere. There is a bar in the center, we also ordered four different cocktails, 3 cups without alcohol, I asked mojito without alcohol, the name was forgotten, it was not bad, the other two cups were also taken, the taste was not I have a good cup. There is also a glass of mango smoothie cocktail that seems to be good. On the other hand, there is a live band, a combination of 2 people, and the current sing is not bad, the pitch can be. Speaking of eating, anyway, I think it is so fat, the price is more concerned with the scenery and feel. The value of the dishes is not high, the old ones, the shrimp cakes, the four people are just right, the fried calories are slightly higher; the shrimp sauce spinach, the home-cooked food is eaten casually; the seabass of the frying pan, half cut, The meat is tender and tender, and the teeth are slightly tested on the side; Tom Yum Kung, there are shrimps and crabs and mushrooms, and the soup is relatively widowed; when we can all eat it, we have a giant pineapple fried rice of XL, then I let the manager directly Retired to a small portion, the value of the face is much better than the large part, the taste is normal, with cashew nuts; finally came a coconut ice cream, the original is the feeling of three-color cup in the coconut, in fact, one is enough for everyone to share The waiter did not make it. Why do you always feel that we have a big stomach? Its hard to eat 2 pieces and eat a little wall. The taste is a three-color cup. It is estimated to be a road snow. Payment can be cash or visa and master, not Alipay, so it is better to bring cash or credit card.
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