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About Athens

Athens is a city that gets its name from the Greek goddess of wisdom - Athena. It is the birthplace of European civilization. Despite thousands of years of wear and tear from wind and snow, it still exudes a unique charm. When you go to Athens, you will have the opportunity to see great ancient temples and exciting marketplaces. The grandiose achievements of the centuries enshroud the city at every turn. Athens is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The last side faces the Aegean Sea. The city is built around the Acropolis. Even though the Acropolis has already endured 2,000 years of wind and rain, warfare and modernization, people are still shocked by the remaining, albeit damaged, temples. Take a stroll through historic Pláka and choose one of the many restaurants to indulge in some mouthwatering Greek cuisine.

Popular Attractions in Athens

The Parthenon
426 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Historical Site
Parthenon, Athens
Acropolis Museum
220 Reviews
The Acropolis Museum is located in the southeast corner of the Acropolis. The entire interior of the pavilion is identical to the inner temple of the Parthenon. The exterior glass corridor is striking, and the soft natural light passes through the special glass to the venue. Uniform projection, almost perfection restores the simplicity of the sculptures and other works of art displayed in it, and the advanced design concept makes people feel like they are in the space-time corridor, between the ancient and the modern. In addition, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the Parthenon hundreds of meters away from the corridor and the city of Athens.
Syntagma Square
285 Reviews
Pl. Sintagmatos, Athina 105 63
Acropolis of Athens
828 Reviews
Historical Site
The Acropolis is located in the southwest portion of central Athens. It is one of Athens' greatest landmarks and a symbol of ancient Greece. The Acropolis consists of ancient architectural relics such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Erektio and the Temple of Athena. The Acropolis is steep, with only a channel in the west, which serves as a natural barrier. Actually, the Acropolis used to be a military fortress. Standing in the Acropolis, you can also look at the magnificent panorama of Athens.

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Athens Full Day Tour with Lunch
31 Reviews

Athens Weather

19 Nov 2019
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Partly Cloudy
20 Nov 2019
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Cloudy with Thunderstorms
21 Nov 2019
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22 Nov 2019
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Trip Moments

JOJO’s wonderful trip   
The mountains of Olympus blocked the cold wind from the north, and the
Aegean Sea gave the city an infinite gentleness.
In the early morning, the clear and sparkling sunshine like olive oil made the city The photo shows different light and color,
This is the origin of European civilization, this is the city of the gods of Athens.
The city is not lacking a warrior, not to mention the thinker. The debates of the Athenian school seem to be reminiscent of the city, Western philosophy, democracy, the Olympics, the Iliad, and the Homer Epic. Every noun affects the process of human thought.
The reconstructed Acropolis is faintly visible in the past, it is the soul of the city, and it tells the thickness of Athens in a calm and calm posture. The waiting sunrise is swallowed up by the thick clouds, and there is no more time to remember.
5th century BC, Athens, which defeated the Persians, ushered in the most prosperous period of development. In order to establish a faith in the city-state, in order to thank the patron saint Athena for its blessing, the 500-member council of the Athens city-state began to hire Feidi. Yass designed and built the Acropolis.
The most magnificent building in the Acropolis is the Parthenon, don't be confused by the name, this has nothing to do with the god of the gods, this temple belongs to Athena, the name comes from Athena's nickname Parthenon, built It has been in use for fourteen years and has been converted into a Christian church in history. After the Ottoman Empire occupied Athens in 1456, the temple was converted into a mosque. In 1687, the Venetians repelled the Turks on the Acropolis. The entire temple was blown up with shells, and some of the surviving statues were taken to the British Museum by some British businessmen.
Posted: 28 Nov 2018
For the generation that we are deeply influenced by Seiya, the Acropolis is a place that was curious before it went. It was disappointing after going there. There are no twelve palaces, and there is no need to run an hour between the two palaces. After two thousand years of vicissitudes of life, there is only a wreck of the wreckage, which proves the strength and elegance of the year. However, from a few angles, it is still a bit of a comic.
Adicus Theatre, built in 161 AD, is one of the most outstanding buildings in the world and is one of the most outstanding buildings of the same period. It can accommodate 6,000 people to watch concerts and other activities. The miracle is that this ancient theater is still in use today.
Eric Tion Temple, should be the most probable temple in the introduction of the Acropolis, the key reason is that there are several girls sculpture pillars in front. It is dedicated to the many gods of ancient Greece. The biggest feature of this temple is the six female statue columns named Caria Teide standing outside the wall. Each woman's dress, hairstyle and face are different. I think these images may be in It really existed in ancient times.
Parthenon is the largest building in the Acropolis. The temple is built in white marble, 31 meters wide, 70 meters deep and 10 meters high. The roof and walls are decorated with beautiful carvings based on Greek mythology. . It is said that in ancient times, the statue of the guardian goddess Athena was enshrined inside the temple, all made of gold and ivory, but now I can only imagine the exquisiteness of the statue.
Posted: 25 Dec 2018
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