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City Park
Suiren PondNearby City

Suiren Pond

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"City Park"
24.2km from Aomori,
"Experience the deep and secluded water wonderland-Water Lily Marsh in Towada City, Japan *Playing experience* I wanted to go out for a long time. Not long ago, I went to Japan with my friends. After learning about the beauty of Water Lily Marsh in the local area, I wanted to go with my friends. One go. Water Lily Marsh is a tourist attraction that many people don’t know about. It is full of greenery and a little literary atmosphere when you hear the name. In summer, there are green trees and rivers everywhere. It’s a summer day. Summer resort. I heard that this is where Hayao Miyazaki's famous movie "My Neighbor Totoro" was filmed! It's full of nature's heart here, with a forest coverage rate of up to 70%, which is really not too good. There are also various titles, such as the most beautiful lake, the most beautiful corridor, and there are various streams along the corridor. If you walk slowly in the primeval forest here, it is the best! I heard that there is a very famous lake here, it is the Qingchi. The water in the Qingchi is very clear. When the sun shines on, it looks like a blue lake with the naked eye. There are usually few people here, but the scenery is very beautiful and fascinating. When you are fine, it is highly recommended to come here with friends to experience the depth and beauty of this place. *Tips* Nearby hotels: Towada City Hotel, about 300 yuan, affordable. Food: Towada City Hotel Restaurant, with exquisite Japanese buffet"
Ashino ParkNearby City

Ashino Park

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"City Park"
Ranked #4 in Goshogawara Can't Miss Attractions
26.7km from Aomori,
".Next time you go to Japan to enjoy cherry blossoms, don't go to Tokyo and Osaka, which are crowded with people. Take the Shinkansen and go deep into the country of Japan to find places with few cherry blossoms..📍 [railway with cherry blossoms] For example, this cherry tunnel is really amazing! Look at this train, from the distance of cherry blossom train, there is wood and feeling, as if from reality, a passing through to the dream? . This is the Jinqing Railway in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. It is a real railway. It is not an abandoned railway. The railways are covered with cherry trees. Every time the cherry blossoms bloom, it becomes a dream scene, like a five-centimeter second speed. .📍 [Retro Steam Train] The train is very retro, right? Old-fashioned steam trains, surrounded by cherry blossoms, slowly come from afar, like anime scenes, but real existence. When no trains pass, you can stand at the intersection to take pictures, but you are not allowed to walk to the railway. There are many staff members on the scene to maintain order. As long as you follow the instructions, it is safe to take pictures or anything. .📍 [The surrounding cherry blossoms are good places] After watching the train, you can go to the park. Luye Park is actually a local park. It is mainly a local leisurely entertainment. During the cherry blossom season, there will be cherry blossom festivals, and there are performances in the park. . It is suitable for taking pictures and hanging out, and it is also suitable for romance and love, and it is more suitable for a family-sized picnic. Buy an ice cream, eat a sugar-sugar strawberry, and go around and see the local cherry-sakura celebrations, like a paradise. .📍 [How to Arrive] Location: Aomori Prefecture, Japan, JR five Kawahara Station, then transfer to Jinqing Railway, to Asano Park Station. #Huahai punch card challenge # went to a place I still want to go # punch card movie location # not at home to visit Japan #Xiaozhong Discovery Agency"
Saruka ParkNearby City

Saruka Park

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"City Park"
Ranked #20 in Hirakawa Can't Miss Attractions
27.5km from Aomori,
"In addition to the prefectural awards, there are two places in Aomori Prefecture that are also recommended to visit. Saruga Park is a small place in Aomori, not far from before the prefectural awards. Saruga Park is not big, but there are few beauty spots in the victory. The park is more than half of the lake, along the lake is full of cherry trees, the lake center island actually has a small Ebisu shrine, small scene is very good. Although the scale of cherry blossoms here is not compared to other places to enjoy, but the park is small and elegant scenery is very good, along the lake is very comfortable. The Lotus Pond has a red bridge to the center of the pool, the end of the bridge is a red "breast shoulder shrine". The view from the lake is very beautiful, and the photos are all postcards. The red ancient bridge under the cherry blossoms is very quaint, how to shoot is very good, plus a pedestrians are not, can completely exclusive here the beauty shot enough. Don't look at the park is not big, inside the big and small shrines combined 8, the largest is the shrine of saruga. There are also two cherry trees in front of the shrine, although the cherry blossoms are not particularly stunning, but the feeling of quaintness is also very good. It is also possible to visit Hirosaki prize, and it takes about 20 minutes from Hirosaki Higashi takamae station in Hirosaki City to Tsugaruoojo station via the 'Shonan railway Shonan line'. Aiura Park Aiura Park is the most representative park in Aomori City, and it is selected as' Japan City Park 100 selection '. The park is located near Aomori Bay in Aomori City, about 4 kilometers from JR Aomori Station, you can take buses or take a taxi. And because there are not many people in Aoura Park, it is easy to take pictures of people without waiting for the seat. It is especially suitable for shooting portraits, very good film. All the people who come here to watch the cherry blossoms are Japanese, everyone comes here for a picnic, we have brought a variety of cherry blossom season limited and oranges, eating snacks under the cherry blossom trees and sunning is too comfortable!"