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Ornamental Hot spring
Tsuru no Yu OnsenNearby City

Tsuru no Yu Onsen

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"Ornamental Hot spring"
113.1km from Aomori,
"[Japanese pronunciation] nyutou Onsen _ [⭐ miao score] Comprehensive score: 5 stars spring quality score: 5 stars hotel score: 4 stars diet score: 5 stars_ [📍 accommodation hotel] Crane の soup (Crane soup hot spring hotel) _ [📑 brief description] Well ~ I know you are all attracted by names. But the reason for this name is very simple... because the hot spring town is located at the foot of the nipple mountain, so it is called the nipple hot spring. . . is recognized as the first secret soup of Japan, hidden deep in the mountains of the northeast of Japan. The nipple hot spring township mainly contains 8 hot spring hotels, each with different scenery and spring quality. If you want to stay, I highly recommend the Hezhitang Hot Spring Hotel. . Hezhitang opened soup in 1638, with a history of nearly 400 years. A hunter is said to have named the injured crane after healing the wound. The hotel is a single-family hot spring complex, divided into this and other branches. This house has and only five rooms, used only for generals and martyrs. Now also intact to retain the once-style, just arrived at the soup of the crane when the eye of a row of thick-toped thatched cottages let you as if the moment of time through. Because this house has only five rooms, so usually super super super difficult to determine, especially recently this secret soup in the world is becoming more and more famous. The owner said that some guests started to grab it a year ago... This time because of the epidemic and it was within a week, so it was set up a month in advance. But it sounds fun, actually living up, I still don't want to be an ancient 😂 because the whole house is only lit by oil lamps, and it is yellow at night. If the summer is hot, the room will be stuffy because there is no air conditioning. And the door is unlocked, the windows are straight to the main road, and all passers-by can look inside (with windows). After soaking up the soup at night, I didn't want to go back to the room, and sat on a wooden bench by the river, looking up at the stars, drinking soda, and chatting with friends. Suddenly I felt that the old days were also very good. So as a experience of the life of the local rich people in ancient Japan, it is also very interesting to live for one night, and it makes me know how to cherish the modern and convenient life 😂. If you want to live comfortably, you can choose the new and East Ben formation. It is also a peaceful tatami room and the smell of logs. But the equipment is new and there is air conditioning. _ Dinner and breakfast are mainly based on the ingredients in the local mountains. The taste is simple, but healthy and delicious. Here, I secretly teach you a common point in a Japanese country hot spring hotel: whether the ingredients are based on root vegetables (potato taro, carrot, onion, eggplant, etc.). Hahaha ~ Dinner is so large that it can be floating in the center of the belly to eat the soup. There are a variety of mountain dishes, carbon roasted asparagus river fish, the main is boiled taro pot. Breakfast is a simple few dishes with porridge or rice. One more one less, appropriate balance. _[♨️ Hot Spring Overview] The quality and bubble feel of the hot springs here, the atmosphere is the first in my personal mind in Japan at present. ·〈 Mixed bath open-air hot spring 〉 The largest mixed bath open-air hot spring, the white muddy soup directly from the soles of the feet, according to the weather changes, temperature and color will also change. Overall gentle, silky, soaking for a long time will not feel uncomfortable. Everyone saw the mixed bath, definitely want to say that there are no young people to soak. In fact, my actual experience... It is true that young girls alone bravely mixed bath is quite a courage. But the soup here is more turbid, soaking in the soup, even if you make it to the side I can't see exactly. And the Japanese bathing people are generally good etiquette, I think even if there are opposite sex together, if want to chat from a distance. From the girls' soup there is a special "princess trail", for girls to sneak into the water mixed bath. But mixed bath, more girls, men shy. More boys, women shrink. So if not to each other, do not think that there is no look at the age, I think mixed bath or need a certain courage. But this time I got to the mixed bath ~ because I and a group of senior soaking grandmothers have united to become sisters to help hahaha, it's a long story, this anecdote is said separately. ·〈 Girls' special open-air hot spring 〉 is the same as the mixed bath body, but the mixed bath scenery is more beautiful. Girls' dedicated baths... actually worshipped a huge wooden male genital 😂 as life... very high presence... there is also a small shrine, which also worships the same thing. I guess it should be traditional country beliefs and a desire for children. Really interesting, I have to mention. . There are a total of 3 internal soups, the spring temperature is different, but they are very clean, all white turbid soup. _ [♨️ spring quality] sulfur, chloride, carbonate, heavy Cao... Nine kinds of hot springs almost a large part of the collection here. . [💡 Efficacy] Because there are all kinds of springs, this is the true meaning of the "all-round treatment" soup. ⚠️ Hot springs can not cure diseases in the strict sense, they can only serve as a preventive and improvement function. . [💰 per capita budget] 1 ~ 20,000 yen two meals. [🚊 Traffic] The nearest station is the "Tian Wuhu Temple" of Akita Shinkansen, about 3 hours from Tokyo. .[👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Mixed Bath] There is. .[🏭 Hot Spring Street] No. _ Japanese hot spring | hot spring | hot spring hotel | bathing | open-air hot spring | secret soup | wild soup | Japanese travel | Japanese deep travel | hot spring therapy"