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Oirase GorgeNearby City

Oirase Gorge

4.5/5124 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 1051 reviews
38.3km from Aomori,
"The Ou-E-Run River is 14 kilometers long. There are walkways, bikeways, and long roads, well equipped and easy to play. And, it is the best season. Old men and women in charge, walking sticks, big cameras, along the stream. Young people with poor physical strength rented electric bikes, squatted in the forest oxygen bar, breathed fresh air. I am this waste, self-driving, get off the photo. Ou into the shudder stream autumn is yellow, red leaves are not very red, yellow leaves are really yellow. The whole forest was covered with a yellow, golden hue, feeling warm and mellow. A crescent stream, the only cold hue, clear and swift, passed through the forest. Every short walk, you will meet a small waterfall, the kind of small waterfall that you will "squeeze" in the country. But put in the o'er into the o'er, you will look like Mario, watching the stream on the hills and fleas smoothly through this obstacle, trish, beautiful! There is even a trail of a small waterfall!! If you can wrap it tightly, walk along the stream, take a photo all the way, go back to the hotel at night and soak yourself in the hot springs, it's so enjoyable to enter the Ouyu stream. I can stay here for a few days! I heard that June, also very good looking, the whole forest is germinating new leaves. Friend said, the color of the new green good to see aphasia "I can't describe you, in short, how can there be such a green?""
Lake TowadaNearby City

Lake Towada

4.4/549 Reviews
41.2km from Aomori,
"Accommodation at the lakeside of Shihetian in the evening is easy to understand. The store is like its name, next to the lake, by the woods, is a stupid big stupid Western hotel. The equipment is some old, with tall patios and thick carpets, the air seems to be floating a little shower. The guests who had finished the hot springs, wearing bathrobes and vests, were flabby in the sofa in the lobby, and I was just watching, and I was sleepy. The room was a little spacious, and I rolled from bed to bed, and then on to the sofa, and I didn't know where to sleep. But the bed board is a bit thin, do you old people like to sleep on hard mattresses? Dinner has no success, breakfast is particularly comfortable. In the morning, get up and go to the lake for a walk, come back to a hot spring, go to eat warmly. It is self-service form, baked himself two slices of bread, hot coffee and bacon fried eggs, and some fried fish and vegetables, fried a earthy egg, leaving only egg yolk, and soy sauce together bibimbap. No, no, no, no, the lake view, it is particularly comfortable. The owner of the store is a proud Akita person, when the case, a lot of words. The central idea is probably: we are in the Akita side of Lake Towada! Towada Lake actually has a small part of Akita! ! ! For the Aomori people with love to tenwada lake private this matter, the Akita people are very dissatisfied! ! . . but your hotel out the right hand side of the river is Aomori, I can jump at random ... barely passed."