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Bashuqingtong Museum

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No. 251 Huanhua South Road (Sichuan Museum)Map

What travelers say:

It is a permanent exhibition in the Sichuan Museum, located on the second floor. In fact, bronze ware is not strange on the Chinese land, but according to the introduction, the Bashu bronze culture compared with the Xia Shang Zhou Zhongyuan culture left little material literature, but also with Sichuan border Hanzhong, Hubei Yichang and other places have sporadic physical excavation, So the collection on display here is quite unique. But for me, the layman, except for the Dading, could not see any difference, but on the wall hung a list of bronzes common in ancient China, with the names, pronunciations, shapes and brief introductions of each item, which was useful for a deeper understanding.


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