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Water Parks
Water Cube Water ParkClosed

Water Cube Water Park

4.5/52547 Reviews
"Water Park"
9.9km from downtown
"[Position] Navigate the "Water Cube Water Park" and park directly to the West surface parking lot. Due to the epidemic, the weekend parking space is sufficient all day. [Reservation] On the public number, limit to 2,000 people a day. Recently, there are fewer people, you can make an appointment on the spot on the day. Reminder: 1.2m The following children do not need to make an appointment. [Storage bag/Change clothes/Shower] saw a lot of comments and comments, and never understood the mystery of it, went to the scene to realize it. 1. Men and women change clothes, men and women showers are all set up independently, and the middle storage bag area is connected to the public corridor. See Figure 3 layout and Figure 4 corridor photos. 2. Storage of bags in public areas, regardless of men and women. Rent one to send one, a family of three two cabinets barely enough. Rent cabinets send two plastic waterproof bags, very intimate and practical. 3. There is no shower in the changing area, only long stripes in the middle, suitable for changing swimsuits when you first come. 4. There are long strips in the shower area to put clothes. It is recommended to wash and change clothes directly in the shower area. 5. Shoes are not put in the cabinet, there is an open shoe rack to store, and remember the location to avoid finding. [Meal] 40 yuan package can be full, there is a cup of tea. 1. There are two meals, one near the entrance of the watering area, "Undersea meal", hamburger 🍔 rice 🍚 package mainly; Another is more hidden, behind the east children's water village, there is rice noodles spicy hot 🍜2. Mutton kebabs are 18 yuan, need to wait for 10 minutes to roast, the taste is worse than the kebabs at the temple 😛3. The flavor of stewed rice and beef rice is good. [Slippers/Slipless Shoes] Slippers are used in the changing shower area, can not be worn into the water area, put on the shoe rack outside the door before entering. Anti-slip socks feel not useful, wear in a while to take off. Barefoot more anti-slip, massage effect is good. The green anti-slip pad is partially laid, afraid of stomping, you can walk the floor and feel the comfort of the floor heating. [Temperature] The water in the surf pool and the water village is warm like hot spring ♨️, soaking in the water is very comfortable, and it is still a bit cold after coming out of the water. I am afraid of cold with long-sleeved sunscreen clothes, I am not interested in wearing 🙄, men are almost naked 🧜‍♂️[Service] The park just opened at 10 am, there is a cartoon duck and the children interact happily. The staff is numerous, cleaning lady always wipes the water stain on the ground to avoid slipping, the safety officer in the water area queued to guide, help reminds meticulous, the staff at the service desk storage bag is amiable, patient explanation. It is a national sports venue. Here is a big praise 👍[play] surfing has a fixed time, 10 minutes each time, is the highest moment in the park. The host interacts with everyone happy, and has balloons and small toys. The last play bubble is the children's favorite link ☁️ Shuizhai and various slides have experienced it, playing bungee jumping are all pediatrics. 1. The most exciting is "Swift and Dark Cushion", the same as Atlantis, vertical landing and rotation for a few seconds to the end; Keep your eyes open for the second time and let the adrenaline release fully. 2. "Floating the river and falling into the sea" is a long spiral pipe, the landing speed is relatively slow, fast bottom needs to pinch the nose to prevent splash."
Tulip Merry WaterworldClosed

Tulip Merry Waterworld

4.4/51129 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 5 reviews
"Water Park"
17.2km from downtown
"We went with our mother for a family of three on weekends. There are three adults and a two-year-old child. The parking space is more free. We arrived after lunch at one o'clock and played at 8:30 in the evening. We had a buffet at five o'clock. Twenty-one children have meals. A total of 158*3+20. It is very convenient to check in the ticket. There is a ticket machine that bought to enter the mobile phone number and issue the ticket directly. It is very convenient to take a hand plate to the dressing room until you leave the hand plate consumption and finally settle the bill. After changing the swimsuit, you will start to play in the water park. There are more than ten pools of large and small. The water temperature is different. There are pools with fountain massage beds, water slides and other items. A two-year-old child goes to just a little, no small. Others have hot springs and saunas. The classic is a big hot stone paved paved bed, on which there are 30 or 50 people to rest, and my child is still asleep. Surfing is suitable for adults, according to the ability of everyone to surf on the second and third floors, and the inflatable leather pliers surfing on the fourth floor, leather pliers on the fourth floor is simpler than the second floor, not afraid at all, five or six-year-old children and women can sit. In addition, there are many kinds of consumer items, such as bathing and massage, fish hot springs, children's trampoline, water boating, children's naughty castle, etc. Overall, the food and water sold in the are very expensive, we bring them ourselves. Bring a swimming ring for children, and the rent is expensive inside."