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Botanical Gardens
Beijing International Flower Port

Beijing International Flower Port

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"Botanical Garden"
Ranked #2 in Shunyi District Can't Miss Attractions
45.3km from downtown
"⛰Shunyi Flower Port Keukenhof Tulip Garden in Beijing 📍Detailed address: Flower Port is located in Yangzhen, Shunyi District, Beijing, close to Baima Road and Muyan Road. 🚗Traffic strategy: The park is 20 kilometers away from Beijing International Airport and 39 kilometers away from the urban area. It is suitable for driving. 🕙Opening hours: April to October, 9:00-17:10 every year. 💰Ticket price: adult fare 30 yuan, children under six years old do not need to buy a ticket. 🌟Highlights and features: The Flower Port is very beautiful, just in time for the tulips to bloom in April and May, it is simply the Keukenhof in Beijing. The park is very large, with 18 scenic spots including Sakura Avenue, Huanhua Lake, Tingfeng Pavilion, and Wonderland Park. The biggest event every year is the Tulip Culture Festival. This year it was cancelled due to the epidemic. However, 4 million tulips were opened in the park, and you can still see a large sea of tulip flowers, coupled with colorful windmills, as if crossing to the Netherlands. 📆Itinerary: It is recommended that everyone leave in the morning and arrive at the park before noon. Near the north gate, there are many places suitable for camping⛺️ or picnics. The whole family can enjoy delicious food and take a break. In the afternoon, you can go to the vicinity of the North Gate and rent a battery car or a multi-person bicycle. You can pay the deposit via WeChat and return it to the WeChat wallet after deducting the cost. A single-row tricycle is 60 yuan per hour, and it takes about two hours to complete a circle. 🛏Hotel guide: I stumbled upon a constellation tent hotel next to the park. I felt very good. Staying at the hotel is free of flower port tickets. You can try it later. 📌Tips: It is very convenient for Ctrip to book tickets online. You can directly enter the park by swiping your ID card at the door. Everyone needs to pay attention to the admission time. There are two sessions in the morning and the afternoon. We were ten minutes later than the expected time. The staff did not let in and had to refund and buy again. 📌Tips: During the epidemic, self-driving friends need to enter from the north gate, and there is a grassy area for parking. Everyone needs to show the health treasure and the code scanner escort app, and you can enter the park after the temperature is normal. The parking fee is very conscientious, 5 yuan per time for small cars and 10 yuan per time for large cars, unlimited time."