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Shilin GorgeClosed

Shilin Gorge

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81.4km from downtown
"Beijing Pinggu Shilinxia Scenic Area Tour Guide I went to the scenic spot before July 24, 2021, the specific ticket fees and the adjustment of scenic area projects are subject to the actual, the following guides are for reference only! First of all, let's talk to you about the most concerned ticket problem: 1. There is a large parking lot at the door. The self-driving companion does not have to worry about the parking space. The price is 10 yuan per time. For 10 yuan, it is 10 yuan for a stop, no matter how long you stop. 2. Summarize the difference between online tickets and on-site tickets (1) Internet tickets + UFO Glass Observation Deck + Ropeway round trip: 258 yuan ticket + UFO Glass Observation Deck + Ropeway one way: 192 yuan online ticket purchase is 2 hours before use, it is recommended that you buy in advance before departure. (2) On-site ticket purchase + UFO Glass Observatory + Ropeway round-trip: 270 yuan ticket + UFO Glass Observatory + Ropeway one way: 208 yuan ticket is 68 yuan, the single ticket is 100 yuan, so in conclusion, it is cheaper to buy tickets online. It is recommended that everyone buy a combination ticket, because since it is here, you have to look and play, I will not know when to come later. Secondly, talk to you about the route to play. If you want to exercise, you can buy a one-way cableway to climb the mountain, which is really very tired; you can also buy a two-way cableway, which can enjoy the scenery and experience the fun of mountain climbing, but not so tired. The recommended route is after the entrance ticket is checked, it will pass the Ruyiyuan cableway. It is recommended that you not go to the cableway, because the scenery is really good in the front. Walk to the left side of the Ruyiyuan cableway. You will reach the Qicai Pool on foot and then continue to walk. You will arrive at the Longwangshan cableway. Everyone can choose the cableway to go up the mountain. You can also choose to hike up the mountain (cableway up the mountain for 10 minutes; hike up the mountain for 90 minutes, it is more difficult and tired, you can choose to exercise). After climbing the cableway, you can reach the top of the mountain by a further distance, that is, the UFO glass observation deck. You can choose to take the cableway directly to the bottom of the mountain. There are many children and adults can play the entertainment project, fun and exciting, everyone can choose as appropriate. If everyone comes in the morning, whether it is to do the ropeway or climb the mountain, basically the afternoon will be finished. If there is enough time, everyone can choose to go to the Lihuagou leisure town to play the mountain bottom car, fun and exciting, driving from Shilin Gorge is about 9 minutes, parking at the door is casual and not expensive. Cost: On-site ticket purchase and online ticket purchase price is the same, it is recommended that you buy tickets on-site, there are two kinds of tickets: 1. Play one mountain block + shuttle bus 100 yuan; 2. Play two mountain block + shuttle bus (you can also take two) 149 yuan. Finally, I wish you all a good time, summer, whether men and women must do well in sunscreen, or you will really regret."