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National Parks
Limutai Scenic AreaClosed

Limutai Scenic Area

4.4/51037 Reviews
"National Park"
102.3km from Beijing,
"There are many interesting sightseeing spots in the scenic spot. I like slides. I am very tired when I climb the mountain. Then I take a slide down the mountain. The slide is a slide made of stone. The most interesting thing in the scenic spot is the mountain spring iced watermelon apple cucumber. It tastes delicious and quenches thirst. There are many other foods to eat. The taste is not bad. If you are tired, you can take a sit and take a rest. I urge everyone to buy the 95 ticket. We bought the 65, and the shuttle bus will put you at the gate of the scenic spot. After two or three kilometers, there are other cars that can take. You still need to charge 30.95 tickets which include the cars inside the scenic spot. If you don't take it, you can't walk at all, because the slope is large, the internal car trip is 3 kilometers, you have to climb 4 kilometers further when you get off the bus, if you don't get down by car, many people can't climb the top of the mountain. The general difference is that you buy 65 tickets, and when you enter the scenic area, you will buy a 30 round-trip ticket, which is the same as buying 95 tickets directly. It is recommended to go to the scenic spot for a couple or couples to live in the luxury hotel. This is really the best hotel in the neighborhood. The other hotels are very worn. The living conditions are very general. Not only is there WIFI, everything is intelligent, breakfast is delicious, After climbing the mountain is very tired, you can also soak in the bath to relieve fatigue."