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City Parks
Lihu Central Park

Lihu Central Park

4.4/5230 Reviews
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"City Park"
Ranked #4 in Wuxi Family-Friendly Attractions
7.7km from downtown
"The main attractions are the ancient Greek Altar of Zeus, France's Arc de Triomphe, England's Stonehenge, Portugal's Belem Tower, Norway's Country Church, The main road of the park is "L" shape. From the right end of the horizontal section of "L", you can see the Greek temple of Zeus, supported by stone pillars, across the bridge. At the turning point of L, there is a fountain of musical statues, and in the middle of the pool is a white statue with tridents. Walk up to the L's vertical and you can see the Arc de Triomphe, not far from the fountain of musical statues. At the top of the L's vertical is the place where the original water curtain laser shows. Many guides and attractions said that the park has a music fountain on the night of the two-day holiday, water curtain laser performance, now basically no. Only occasionally on Sunday 15:00 pm to open the fountain, not every week. "L"-shaped main road a vertical left and right two forks. A north-west walk reveals the Norwegian country church, a small wooden church with a fine cross on the roof. A north-east street, you can see the European street, with red or green tile covered, spire-like buildings, can only take pictures outside, some of the interior has been converted into hotels. At the very bottom of the European street is the Disney Bridge, where you can see the colorful statues of Snow White and the seven dwarfs standing on the railings. The Bridge is close to the Underwater World in the park, and you can see the underwater world in the shape of a castle in a fairytale world. The sea world is a small interior in the northeast corner of the park, just wandering around the inside can play, suitable for young children to teach and enjoy. Here can see clumsy turtles, precious Chinese oysters, belly color like lemon sharks and so on. Walk through the rainforest area to see all kinds of strange shapes of tropical fish, in the river fish area specimen museum can see the sperm whale skeleton, then walk about 20 meters long sea bottom tunnel to see the large sea fish swimming overhead, finally see the cylinder of the reef around small fish. There is a dance performance in the hall of the underwater world, the performance time: 9:30-16:30, every 30 minutes. Pay attention to the mermaid performance mentioned in some introductions online now is gone. There is a seal performance at the Ocean Theater, performance time: 10:00-16:00, every time the performance is full. The performance time is based on the actual time of the scenic spot, and there will be a billboard at the gate of the underwater world to post the performance time. There are Shantou oysters (linear distance 2 km) in the west of Wuhu Central Park, orange groves (about 1.2 km) in the east, Wuhu Park (about 2 km), and Wuxi Film and Television Base in Zhongshi (about 5 km), which can arrange tour routes according to their preferences."