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Ferris Wheels
Sky RingNearby City

Sky Ring

4.4/5870 Reviews
"Ferris Wheel"
117.2km from Wuxi,
阿萌 BIM
"The first cantilever roof top Ferris wheel SKY RING in China, 30 pure white romantic cabins, 360 degree view, with the Ferris wheel afternoon tea and the Ferris wheel dinner, let the Ferris wheel not only viewing devices, but also give strong emotional memory, the place where the important moments of life. The Sky Ring Ferris Wheel is a creative and creative one, full of imagination! Many humanized experience functions, creating a happy and romantic atmosphere of private space. Cabin: tailored, perfect presentation. Sky Ring cabins are custom-made by German Red Dot Award winner and American IDEA Award winner, designer Zhang Xichun and his team, who have produced designs for aircraft and cars from the world's most famous industry. Sky Ring overall streamlined, the top is mysterious flower shape, bringing a dreamy ornate feeling. Light: Bring out the individual romantic color. Sky Ring cabin top of the main light source can adjust the brightness and darkness according to the demand. Adjust the atmosphere light button can also change the lighting effect of various colors, color lighting effect along the flower roof to the whole cabin, light naturally soft, create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Charge: Let romance more lasting. In the romantic ferris wheel, always hope to use the phone to record every good moment. The cabin specially prepared charging plug, always long-lasting full power, self-portrait photo no longer has the worry. Music: unique melody to her. The cabin is intimately equipped with wireless Bluetooth, connecting Bluetooth with mobile phone, you can play the music in the phone! With the advanced stereo surround, birthday, expression, creating the atmosphere is no more suitable!"