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Wuhou Temple Commercial Area
Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean ParkClosed at 17:00

Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park

4.4/510000 Reviews
Ranked #19 in Chengdu Can't Miss Attractions
17.3km from selected area
"This weekend, I finally came to the place I was thinking of ❤️❤️❤️ Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park ❤️ -Whale and Dolphin Museum 🐟: As soon as I entered the door, I could see the beluga in the big screen. He was really cute, his whole body was snow-white, and his round head was only here in Sichuan. The silhouette shooting here is really an absolute child, too out of the film, the blue background is really healing - Penguin Hall 🐧: The penguins are really cute, so I want to touch their hair. When I go, it is just dinner time for the penguin, and I see the breeder. One penguin and one penguin feed fish 🐟 eat, and there are many small penguins 🐧, they are really cute to walk -🐟 Shark Hall: We just went when we had a mermaid show, they were really beautiful, and they danced with the sharks, I am a little afraid of -❤️ There are many science popular knowledge in every museum. Take the children and learn knowledge. -❤️ There are also various kinds of marine life that have not been seen. The key is that Chengdu only can see beluga whales and polar bears here. I saw - Take a photo tip: ‼️ Whale and Dolphin Museum: 👉 This is super suitable for taking silhouettes, sitting on the side outline, standing on the back, waiting for the dolphins to swim in the picture, then hurry to grab the photo, the benefits of this time will be reflected, fewer people, super suitable for taking slowly. -👉 Jellyfish: Because of the limited light, take a side face, turn the face side to the side of the light, pretend to look at the jellyfish, hand can be placed on the glass cylinder -‼️‼️ when there are many people, teach you to find a way to avoid the crowd shooting tips: There are two excellent opportunities, the first is, Everyone watched the animal show, at this time, there are very few people ❤️ and an hour away from the museum, when I went, there were very few people, I stayed until they closed the time, it was almost the whole museum, just like how to shoot it. - Traffic 🚗 No. 1 and No. 18 can be used, Haichang Road E exit. -Eat: 🍰 There are many shops selling snacks in it, don't worry about starving. Entering the park time 👉: 9:30--16:30 - Play: 👉 There are many amusement facilities in it. Children and big friends can play, satisfying different tastes. - Today's sharing of Xiaoxia is here. Next time I will take you to find a fun and easy place to take pictures."