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Saadiyat Public Beach

Saadiyat Public Beach

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11.3km from downtown
"What is the difference between the beaches in the desert country of the UAE? The impression of the local tyrants Going to the UAE to pick up rubbish was once a dream of many people. This magical country, which grows in the desert and sea, is most famous for spending money like dirt. Well, I came to experience worshipping local tyrants. Semi-arid beach experience. I have visited a lot of tropical beaches. The beaches in Abu Dhabi are still very different in general. After all, it is an arid desert. Although it is a seaside, the air humidity is neutralized, but overall it is still a bit dry. So the little fairies must not only do sun protection, but also sit well for moisturizing and hydrating...Then here is mainly artificial scenery, such as lying on a beach chair, opposite to the endless deep blue ocean but luxurious and cool Skyscrapers and local hotels. So the experience is still very unique. The relatively conservative “back garden” is more like the back garden of Abu Dhabi than a pure resort. The bikini on the beach seems to be rarely seen because of Islam. There are not as many tourists as expected, but the basic standard equipment for surfing and beach chairs is still there. Walking at night is also good. In fact, it’s still very hot during the day, and it’s easy to dry out after lying down for a long time. So it is very recommended to hike on the beach in the evening or at night. The neon lights are on. The night view of the city in Abu Dhabi is particularly bright. The beach at night is on the contrary. It's going to be lively during the day."