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Lion Mountain of Taiping

Lion Mountain of Taiping

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Ranked #8 in Teng County Can't Miss Attractions
35.8km from downtown
"  table of Contents 27 Taiping Lion Mountain Taiping Lion Mountain is located in the outskirts of 2.5 kilometers from Taiping Town, Teng County. The section of National Highway 321 from Guilin to Wuzhou passes through the foot of the mountain. It is 90 kilometers away from Wuzhou City and 242 kilometers from Guilin City. Lion Mountain is a mountain-type natural scenic area. It was designated as the first batch of scenic spots in Guangxi in 1988, and was assessed as a national forest park by the State Forestry Administration in 2002. Shishan Mountain has a total area of 45 square kilometers, ranging from Liangdong Shijiao Village in Taiping Town in the east, Shitang Village in Anfu in the west, Shuangde Village in Mengjiang in the south, and Longku Village in Qizheng in the north. Lion Mountain was formed 70 million years ago. After the uplift of the earth's crust and weathering, erosion, and erosion by the sun, wind, and rain, it has formed a mountain top platform, cliffs, strange rocks, deep canyons, and lush forest vegetation and clear water. The unique landform is a rare forest park with Danxia landform characteristics in Guangxi. Shishan is a low-rise hills, majestic and majestic, ridges covered with lush forests, densely covered with vines, Danfeng towering, deep canyons, strange brocades, four different types of peaks, walls, valleys and rocks. The landscape and artistic conception have a strong contrast, forming a majestic Hongyan, both magical and beautiful, but also majestic and majestic. The elephant-shaped mountains and rocks are of various manners and superb craftsmanship. The number of pictograms and the vividness of the image are rare in Guangxi and rare in the country. The forest landscape is rich and diverse, colorful, with ever-changing clouds and colorful. Shishan is the place where the Baiyue people inhabited in ancient times, and the birthplace of Qisong, a prominent Buddhist monk in Song Dynasty. The main landscapes include Jingping, Three-pointed Scenic, Guanyin Sitting Lotus, Seven Stars Lianbi, Long Dechong, Bai Yanchong, Monkey Worshiping Guanyin, Chaotian Seal, Zhitian Stone, Stone Clam Playing Snail, Lvzu God Whip, Spotted Tent Cliff , Leijing Ape Head, Changyan Rock, Biquan Rock, Sound Transmission from Different Caves, Strange Rock Waterfall, Biquan Feilian, Stone Turtle Playing in the Water, Qinshan Sunset, Lion Mountain Cloud Sea, Lion Village, Cen Mountain Village, Tianma Village, etc. The scenic spot has folk activities such as climbing on the Double Ninth Festival and worshiping the Seven Fairies. Specialties include star anise, jade cinnamon, seedless watermelon, Jiangkou lychee, geru, Taiping pickled cabbage, rice crackers, etc."