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Yellow River Three GorgesNearby City

Yellow River Three Gorges

4.5/569 Reviews
"Water Conservancy Project"
Ranked #3 in Yongjing Can't Miss Attractions
78km from Xunhua,
"Gansu into the summer to Yongjing "Yellow River Three Gorges", although east and west, wandering the world, but never heard of "Yellow River Three Gorges", now a look at the fragrance, sighing the heavens and earth, the heroic nature, only the heavenly man has this ability! Visited Liujiaxia hydropower station, took a yacht up the Yellow River, into the gorge strange peaks stand, thousands of rock wall, out of the gorge is high mountain green lake, Qingbo ten thousand acres, water and sky, the two sides of the beautiful scenery crashed into the eye! The Three Gorges scenic area of the Yellow River is located in the southwestern part of Gansu Province, the northern part of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Yongjing County, 44 kilometers away from the provincial capital Lanzhou City, is an important passageway of the ancient Silk Road, known for Liujiaxia Hydropower Station and the Lingsi Grottoes. The Yellow River is "S" shape flow through the county area 107 kilometers, formed the Qiling Gorge, Liujia Gorge, Yanguo Gorge three canyon landscape, constituted the three Gorges scenic spots, the total area of 214 square kilometers. The natural scenery in the territory is beautiful, places of interest are scattered, ancient and modern culture intermingled. There are three hydropower stations called "Yellow River Pearl", Liujiaxia, Yanguo and Bapanxia, which are the cradles of hydropower undertakings in China. The Qiling Lake, Taiji Lake and Maogong Lake are the largest artificial freshwater lakes in the northwest region. The area of the water area reaches 158 square kilometers, accounting for 73.8% of the area of the scenic area. The Danxia landform, represented by the Lingshi forest, covers an area of more than 30 square kilometers, which is very rare in the northwest of China and is known by the ancients as the "first wonder of the world". The fossil geological remains of the dinosaur footprint group excavated in the territory are large in scale, with many species and complete relics, and it is the world's largest. On both sides of the Yellow River, there are rich and splendid relics of Yangshuo culture, Qijia culture and Xindian culture, which are called "the town of colored pottery". The unearthed "colored pottery king" is now housed in the Chinese History Museum. The scenic area, such as the flower, dance, Xianxi, treasure god and other folk customs and folk literature and art colorful, simple and unique, was listed as the "Linxia flower collection site" by the United Nations Intangible Heritage Protection Organization. The beautiful Three Gorges, with its unique charm, rich cultural connotation and unique landscape, has become a unique tourist scenic spot. It takes boat trips to the Three Gorges, and it is necessary to be full of people to sail. The one-way trip of the big boat takes about 3-4 hours, and the speedboat takes about 1-2 hours."