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Banff Ski

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"National Park"
252.2km from Jasper National Park,
"1. You can ski at the three major ski resorts in Banff within one day. The three ski resorts are 15-45 minutes away from Banff by car. You can also take the free ski bus (ask the clerk when you get on the bus). 2. Adult ski tickets and ski packages are 30% cheaper than the official website and on-site. However, if it is a child, go to the official website or on-site to buy it cheaply. There is no child price for the package. 3. Ctrip reservations must go to the three major ski resort joint stores in Banff town in advance (BIG3 ADVENTURE HUG is next to McDonald's in BANFF AVE, and Ctrip will give this address after placing the order) to collect lift tickets and ski equipment. Ski equipment can be delivered to the front desk of major hotels in Banff free of charge, or it can be placed at the front desk of the hotel after skiing, so that the clerk can pick it up at the front desk of the hotel where it is located. This is the agreement and rules of the Banff hotel and the ski resort. 4. It is best to go one day in advance! Because the clerk has to match your boots and snowboards, helmets and poles on the spot according to your height and weight, it takes time. The next morning, the shop opens late and there is no time. 5. It is convenient for self-driving, but it must be a larger SUV or VAN, because to put the long double plate into the car, one of the rear seats must be down. You know! If you don’t drive by yourself, just hold your own board and take the free ski bus. 6. Slippers on the green lane, pay attention! Finally, our family went to the most beautiful Lake Louise Snow Resort, but the greenway was too difficult, long and steep, and it was a Canadian greenway! We have no problem with the greenways of many ski resorts in the United States, but I climbed the greenways of Lake Louise and fell all the way (to explore the way for two children)! Finally, you can only take the magic carpet and go to the lowest level of learning Tao! Consultation with the clerk results: Mount Norquay and Sunshine Village are suitable for beginners, but the most beautiful is Lake Louise. Disadvantages and suggestions: 1. Ctrip will book for you through a local contracted travel agency. After the order is placed, the travel agency will only list the lift ticket on the confirmation form given by Ctrip. Therefore, the clerk asked me to provide a confirmation form for ski equipment, but I couldn’t get it. come out. Later, only an experienced and patient female clerk was willing to help me contact the travel agency for verification and confirmed that my booking included ski rental. The other clerk expressed that they could not help and asked me to add money. Fortunately, I contacted the store at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon of the first day. She asked me to come back at 6 o'clock in the evening. It took time to verify. It would be a complete tragedy if you go to pick up your tickets and ski equipment on the morning of the ski day! Here, after discussing with the travel agency, Ctrip and the travel agency should issue a confirmation form that includes two items including ski equipment and cable cars! ! ! ! ! ! strongly demand! 2. This package is suitable for self-driving, and the model should be large, which is more convenient! English must be basically passed, otherwise communication will be difficult."