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Guangfu Scenic AreaNearby City

Guangfu Scenic Area

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54.6km from Yixing,
"Late autumn season, Taihu is the ultimate beauty, this Taihu scenery route, recommended to like self-driving tour friends! Route: Suzhou Taihu Lakeside National Wetland Luguang Fu Food Punching around Taihu Avenue View of Sunset Coordinate: Wuzhong District Visit a reed swing: A step away from the city, the deep nature of the Suzhou Taihu Lakeside National Wetland, is a good place to have a short love and dream of Qingqiu. The vast Taihu Lake, the autumn flowers, river channel, fish-flying shallow bottom, the vast beach, the water birds flying. "Autumn total long day color" feeling arises. Guangu Temple Ginkgo Huang: Shibi Yonghui Temple was built on the mountain of Guangfu Town, and was first created in Ming Jiajing years. In Longqing three years, the monks re-creation of Qishan, Wang Qiu Deng titled the forehead "Shibi". There is a pair of ancient ginkgo stands side by side, one female and one male, and together nearly a thousand years old. The late autumn season of the apricot leaves, the temple inside and outside, covered with golden yellow leaves, this feeling is beautiful. Looking for light and blessing characteristics: Guangfu Town, known as "Lake Light Mountain, Dongtianfudi", is not only beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake, but also a lot of delicious food. When Taihu Lake sunset: Around Taihu Avenue, is a perfect place to watch the sunset of Taihu Lake. The mountains in the distance are sometimes orange red, sometimes orange yellow, sometimes yellow, and changeable. The sunset, the lake, reeds, birds, render a soft and magnificent sunset map."