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Lingyangxia Guzhandao Forest Park

Lingyangxia Guzhandao Forest Park

4.9/540 Reviews
"Historical Site"
Ranked #10 in Zhaoqing Can't Miss Attractions
15km from downtown
"Fifth time to Zhaoqing, surprised to find that Zhaoqing attractions, Antelope Gorge's rating actually ranked first! Yesterday with 8-year-old boy brushed the whole journey, full score work, highly recommended: 1, green road rating: design frivolous, fun although is free, but green road design is very good. First, the whole route along the ancient plank road of Xijiang River is a narrow river, steep mountains on both sides, rapid flowing water, the scenery is particularly beautiful; second, the original vegetation, the cross-strait variegated trees, more colorful than plantation. Greenway construction also pays attention to protecting the natural attitude of plants on both sides; third, there are several small sections of the middle deliberately retained "primitive ramps", which can feel the roads that were hundreds of years ago when the ramps had not yet had concrete asphalt; Fourth, there are several water-friendly platforms in the middle, children can go to Xijiang River to play sand and stone throwing. 2. Raiders and tourists suggest 1, the route suggest that the route can go from the "Huangcun Cultural Square" in the east to the "Anyangxia Ancient Plank Road Forest Park Visitor Center" in the west of Jiangbinti Road, or the opposite. It is recommended to go from east to west, because there are many large restaurants near the West Visitor Center, firstly it is convenient to eat after the end, and secondly, the West Entrance Hotel is more so it is relatively easy to drip. 2. Time to choose the recommended departure in the afternoon, because the mountain is in the northwest of the path, so the morning explosion, noon will be sunless. And the westbound when approaching the visitor center in the evening, the water surface gradually widened beyond the spectacular, the sunset reflected the red river water. The whole journey is about 10 kilometers away, and it takes 2-3 hours. Except for the injured knee, the other children can easily complete it. If the child wants to play halfway, it needs to reserve extra time. The scenic area closes at 18:00 and it is recommended to arrive at the end before 17:30. It is easy to take children to play overtime. It is usually set off before 13:00-14:30 and avoid night roads as much as possible. 3. There is a long step at the entrance of Huangcun and there are also up and down on the way. It is recommended that the middle and old people bring mountain walking sticks. You need to bring water, and you have not encountered any small shops and stalls along the way. There are several toilets along the way. 3. The advice to the scenic spot is first of all thank you. The scenic spot is awesome, and more and more people will go to Zhaoqing because of Antelope Gorge. Thank you for your design, thank you for your free, thank you for the cleaning workers along the way. Second, before going to see Raiders, check Baidu map, found that the east and west entrance is not clear, especially for the outsider, it is difficult to understand the relationship between Huangcun Cultural Square and the east entrance. Personally, I suggest you change the name of the entrance in Baidu and Gaode, for example, to define the Huangcun entrance as "East entrance of Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope Gorge Antelope In addition, it is recommended that Guangdong green road host the ten most beautiful green road in Guangdong"comparison, which stimulates the interest of tourists. I estimate that Anyang Gorge with its beautiful environment, quality management and long history, the first three hope is very big."