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Gulong GorgeNearby City

Gulong Gorge

4.2/5274 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Qingyuan Can't Miss Attractions
95.2km from Zhaoqing,
"Verify the name, worth going. Briefly talk about the Raiders. Booking the day ticket at before 3 pm on the same day is much cheaper than on-site. If you play rafting, it is recommended to buy a package ticket, which is cheaper than selling separately. If you only see the waterfall, you can't go to the glass bridge, you need to buy the ticket of "Gulongjiu Waterfall" alone, otherwise you don't have to buy it. The Gulongjiu Waterfall is already included in the ticket for Yuntian Boba. It is recommended to stop at 4 o'clock on the holiday and go to play rafting first and then go to the glass bridge. And Yuntian Boba's ticket includes 6 related attractions, even during the holidays, are more cost-effective than the next door Huangteng Gorge, rafting is also more fun than Huangteng Gorge, I have been to Gulong Gorge I really don't recommend to go to Huangteng Gorge. After parking, change tickets to the self-service machine in the visitor center, everyone waits for a free bus for 5 minutes to halfway up the mountain, then begins to divert, drifting to drift in, on the glass bridge to the glass bridge entrance. The tourist center at the foot of the mountain and the halfway of the mountain have storage bags, before rafting, to store bags to the foot of the mountain, because the rafting exit is at the foot of the mountain, if you save bags at the halfway of the mountain, float to the foot of the mountain, and have to take a free bus up the halfway to get a bag to change clothes, frozen a batch. This unhumanized place many netizens have said. Gulongxia fire, holidays strongly suggest to add 100 to take the VIP channel, at least 2 hours of waiting time, usually do not matter. But the filial piety, in addition to this, other things are done very well. The climb to the elevator is through the Cologne Falls, which is well designed, with a change of scenery, each walk with new views, interactive fish tanks, and a heat-relieving spray, and rubber trees entertaining visitors in colored clothes, and finally a trenches and a smile on the Buddha Hands, haha. The overall feeling is very heart-warming, funny, salty for old and young, cost-effective, recommended! [Fun]"