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Lychee Bay Scenic AreaClosed at 17:00

Lychee Bay Scenic Area

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79.1km from Zhaoqing,
"The history of Lichee Bay dates back to 206 BC, more than two thousand years ago, and Liu Bang, the founder of Han Dynasty, sent a doctor to Guangzhou to persuade Zhao Xu, where he was stationed, planting lotus, lichee and lichee on the riverside, and here he was named Lichee Bay. "One bay water green, litchi red on both sides of the bay, become the most beautiful and livable scenery of Xiguan. Tickets: Free (cruise boats have to pay, when maintenance is stopped at Hechong) Address: Recommended reasons for Lichi Bay, No. 149, Longjin West Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou: As an indispensable part of Xiguan style, Lichi Bay and Qilou, Xiguan Grand House, food recreates the past culture of Xiguan Water Town in Guangzhou, Also exhibits the characteristics of Lingnan water system culture. Traffic Raiders 1, Subway: Take Subway Line 5 to Zhongshan Eighth Road Station Exit B, walk toward Renwei Temple to Longjin West Road No. 9; Or take Metro Line 1 to Changshou Road Subway Station Exit B, follow Baohua Road to Fengyuan Road directly 200 meters; 2, bus: take No. 66 bus at the Qiutang Terminal to get off directly; Take bus 8, 55, 61, 66, 74, 226, 541 in Sapporo City, get off at Sangu Cho station, along the road of Fengyuan, 80 meters to see the "Lychee Bay" stone signs. Key introduction: Lichee Bay Yong and Lichee Bay Lake Park has been opened, became a "big Lichee Bay" scenic area, the water system and the Pearl River. Can play most of the day to one day. Interesting soul in the dance, I have my attitude."