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Xianling Mausoleum of the Ming DynastyNearby City

Xianling Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty

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"Historical Architecture"
Ranked #1 in Jingmen Can't Miss Attractions
91.7km from Dangyang,
"Although this year did not go out for the New Year, but chose a less personal route to go out and shake it! Jingmen Zhongxiang Yuanyou Hot Spring + Obviously Ling + Mochou Village, history class has been well re-ignited once! Very good experience! Zhong Xiang, as a county-level city also left me a very good impression! The obvious location of the mausoleum also added a lot of cultural heritage to this county-level town! Next, I will popularize this place with everyone! Zhong Xiang is located in the northwest of Jingmen, Hubei, a famous historical and cultural city. Jingmen has been famous during the Three Kingdoms Period. Jingmen Jingmen is the name of Jingzhou, which is the gate of Jingzhou. Jingzhou is the most concentrated place of Chu culture. In the Spring and Autumn Period, it is now known as the capital of Jingzhou. It is the political and cultural center of Chu. Visible Jingmen location is important! In the Ming Dynasty, the area of Jingmen belongs to the Ming Dynasty's Kaiyuan ancestor Zhu Yuanzhang's domain, at that time called Anlufu, it is estimated that this Xiaogan's Anlu is also related to this history! Later, after the late Ming Dynasty Jiajing Emperor as the descendant of the King of the Ming Dynasty accidentally became the 11th emperor, he changed his birth and growth place to Zhongxiang, take its " Fengshui treasure land, Xiangrui Zhong " meaning, gave the place to call " Zhongxiang " (At that time, the level of the same as Zhizhou, equivalent to the present plan of the separate cities), and the Anlufu (equivalent to the present provincial units) was changed to Chengtianfu, which is similar to Nanjing Yingtianfu, Beijing Shuntianfu, Shenyang Fengtianfu (this is later) This kind of " Tian " Zhizhou Prefecture is listed in the same place, and it is similar to our municipality! [smug] [smug] [smug] its construction scale and population have reached unprecedented! It can be seen that the prosperity of Jingmen at that time! As such a historical town, Zhong Xiang should of course focus on the obvious mausoleum, which is clearly the 11th emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Jiajing, Zhu Houqi, in order to explain his royal throne or do his filial duty, to his father died in court (This is all Jiajing after the emperor himself to his father) Zhu Xi and his mother Xixiao Xian Queen built a tomb, the whole tomb built 47 years, in full accordance with the specifications of the royal tomb, is the only Ming Dynasty emperor tomb in six provinces, Its scale and area of construction are far larger than the most famous Ming emperors' mausoleums, such as the Ming Xiaoling (Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang), Changling (Yongle Emperor Zhu Xi), Dingling (Wanli Emperor Zhu Xi)! Add Jiajing's emperor's luck, and with a few of the legendary color, so Zhong Xiang also won the name of the historic and cultural city! From this history we can see the importance of imperial power in the past dynasties, one day the son of heaven can change history, will not have been the father of the emperor as emperor, and build a tomb for the emperor, of course, there is a bloody history, here I do not spread! The most obvious tomb is that it was the late Qing peasants uprising Taiping Heavenly Kingdom a fire burning seven days and seven nights, many exquisite glass and wood carvings and wooden structure of the main hall have not preserved! But now, looking at its size, it is still very worth visiting! It is also just a rebirth of the Ming Dynasty! Hehehe, what can we do, write a song! [Shuyan] ["