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Vertical Ship Lift of the Three GorgesNearby City

Vertical Ship Lift of the Three Gorges

4.6/514 Reviews
"Water Conservancy Project"
72.7km from Dangyang,
"Three years ago, I traveled from Chongqing to the Yichang Three Gorges trip, but did not go through the ship locks and lifts. This time I went to Yichang with my son. Time is tight, so I booked this route to make up for the regret three years ago. Understand relevant knowledge. I set up the itinerary on Ctrip the day before, and received a text message from the tour guide in the evening, requesting to gather at the Three Gorges Visitor Center at 7:40 on the day of the trip to collect the boat ticket. My son and I got on the boat and bought the sightseeing seat on the top floor for 40 yuan each, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of both sides of Yichang along the way, which was similar to the scenery of the Three Gorges three years ago. After passing the ship lock at Gezhouba, everyone ran towards the bow and stern to watch the lock slowly close and the water slowly rise. Soon, the boat stopped near the people's house in the Three Gorges, and tourists who went to the people's house in the Three Gorges disembarked one after another, and there were not many people left on the boat. At noon, the ship arrived at Sandouping Wharf. All the people on board disembarked and went ashore. Another group of tourists will return to Yichang by car from here. My son and I looked for a restaurant nearby for lunch. We rushed back to the pier at 1:50 pm and transferred to another smaller ship, the No. 9 ship. The larger ship was very few people on board, so we looked at more than 20 people. The boat stopped for a long time and didn't open. The broadcast said that the lift was under repair. I was worried that there were few people and this trip would be suspended for some reason. But gratifyingly, the boat left at about 3 pm, and I left the lobby on the first floor and went to the top floor. The top was so hot that I had to go down again. Around four o'clock, I saw the dam from a distance, majestic. The boat stopped for a long time, waiting for the elevator to come down from above, and finally we were close to the dam. The boat slowly entered the sluice and slowly rose again, and we were in the dam. After 5 o'clock in the humming sound, I passed the dam. At this time, the sun was not getting hot, and only my son and I were on the fourth floor of the ship, extending our arms out to almost touch the majestic wall of the dam. After passing the dam, the field of vision suddenly opened up, the river was vast, and several dredging boats floated quietly on the water, and the green hills in the distance were more beautiful. Finally, the boat landed at Taiping Port (I can’t remember whether it was “port”) by bus and returned to the Yichang Three Gorges Visitor Center. It was almost dark. I had dinner nearby and it was night to return to the hotel. This trip has beautiful scenery and beautiful waters. I have experienced the lively and joy of the Gezhouba ship lock, and experienced the elevator to observe the dam up close, but the waiting time is long and the people are few and deserted. Although there are objective reasons for this, safety comes first, but if If you can be more compact, you won't feel boring."