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Dong'ao IslandNearby City

Dong'ao Island

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Ranked #8 in Zhuhai Can't Miss Attractions
274.5km from Fengkai,
"⛰[Attraction Guide] Detailed address: Dongao Island is in the southeast of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, a small sea island 30 kilometers away from Xiangzhou, and even in the south of Macau. In the morning there is a small village called Dongao Village. Transportation strategy: Zhuhai Xiangzhou Port can reach the Dongao Wharf. The wharf is the center of the village. There are many simple accommodations around. If the Gree Dongao Hotel on the island, the boat fee is free, and there is a car from the wharf to the hotel . There are slow and fast boats, the price is different, the one-way fast boat takes about 1 hour. Opening hours: depending on the sailing schedule, you can visit the island within 24 hours. Highlights: This is a rather original island. The most famous island on the island is the beach, such as Nansha Bay. I booked the Zhuhai Gree East Australia University in Nansha Bay. The hotel is basically the best hotel on the island. It used to be a Med club hotel. Later, it was changed to Gree Holdings. However, the hotel hardware and charging method have not changed. The charge is per person, about 1,000 per person, and the shuttle is chartered. , Two meals a day, the price is OK, close to the beach, very suitable for the whole family leisure vacation. There is also a live singing bar in the evening, which is really good, it has everything. In the afternoon, you can sit in the restaurant or lobby, watch the sea view and chat and enjoy afternoon tea. You can sit until dusk until sunset. The seafood on the island is basically eaten fresh, and you can choose to make it at the pier. There are several seafood restaurants that are good. Of course, the price of seafood is not cheap, but it is fresh and the atmosphere. After eating, you can stroll around in the small village. There are only a few hundred households in the village, but it is very clean and very down to earth. I went to the local health clinic once and prescribed a few pills and a few pills. It feels like 30 years back. Memories of pre-childhood. Small Tips: It takes about 1 hour to take a boat from Zhuhai. People who have seasickness should prepare seasickness medicine. The road is quite bumpy. The cell phone has no signal while on the ship."