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Blue Rocks

Blue Rocks

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6.5km from downtown
"Blue Rocks, a little-known town in Lunenburg, a tourist attraction with few tourists  Blue Rocks is a city, not a rock. I understand it in plastic English. Although Blue Rocks is literally translated into Chinese, it seems to mean "blue rock" , But when I got here, I realized that Blue Rocks is actually a small town on the edge of Lunenburg. I heard that watching the sunrise at Blue Rocks is particularly beautiful, so I rushed there early in the morning before it was light. Blue Rocks, look forward to the moment of sunrise. Watching the most beautiful sunrise in Blue Rocks After arriving at Blue Rocks, I found a place to sit down and waited for the moment when the sun rose. At this time, Blue Rocks was very quiet, without any noise, like a small town isolated from the world, there were 5 visitors in total besides me, and everyone was waiting quietly. The cool breeze was very comfortable on my body, and my lazy body seemed to be awakened a little bit. I stretched my waist. At this moment, a light suddenly appeared and the sun began to rise a little bit from the sea level, in an instant , The entire Blue Rocks has been dyed, and it becomes different in one go! Several of us couldn't help but sighed, turned around and found that everyone stood up excitedly just like me. The mood at this moment is unforgettable, as if being activated, and instantly feels that the vitality has become more vigorous. The best time to play in summer and autumn"