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Hornblower Niagara CruisesNearby City

Hornblower Niagara Cruises

4.9/546 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 9122 reviews
"Boat Tour"
Ranked #3 in Niagara Regional Municipality Can't Miss Attractions
67.6km from Toronto, Niagara Falls
"The horn cruise ship. You can take a cruise from the United States or Canada. Naturally, it is where you come and go back. It was almost the same on the way out on both sides, passing by American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. The American Falls is near Rainbow Bridge. If you are lucky, you can see the double rainbow of American Falls. The American Falls is in the United States, but to watch the panorama, naturally you should be on the Canadian side, looking across the river. However, when you look at the panorama, you should also look at the part and the details on the American side. The macro and the micro constitute the whole of observation. Life experience is nothing better. When the cruise ship approached Horseshoe Falls, it was a high tide. It seems that the whole ship is traveling through the downpour, and after a while it will rain and fog, some will babble, and some will scream in surprise. Although cruises are not cheap, they generally feel good value for money. (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*We came to Niagara Falls, we walked into the rain, we rained at first sight, we walked into the fog, we spoke into the fog, we took the horn cruise ship and wore red raincoats, the wind came like feathers Under the Horseshoe Falls, my face is like snow, and your skin is like jade. We imagined drowning in this life in the past life, with the Moxiangrui waterfall, showing myself in a mirage, and looking back at the raindrops, mist and clouds are the submerged rain and mist that burned last night. Indulge in wishing the three life stones can’t afford to dry up and leave the ship, make a pot of tea, and then the grass turns yellow. After leaving the rivers and lakes, you can only think about the horns."