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Russian Mouth Flower Seaview AreaClosed

Russian Mouth Flower Seaview Area

3.9/5184 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Hongyuan Can't Miss Attractions
52.3km from Barkam,
"Hello~ I’m Wu Suowei, a writing and taking pictures. I like to travel on the road. I’m glad to meet you! 💗💗For the grassland, I have always had a kind of obsession. This time, after a long journey, finally arrived. On the green grassland, the sky is blue, the clouds are bleached, the birds are free, and the wind is random... I like everything here, far better than the bustling city. 🌿🌿-📍Emu (Me) Tanghua Seascape Area Address: Rangkou Township, Hongyuan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province Tickets + Sightseeing Car: 120 yuan Play time: 2 days The blooming season of the sea of flowers is from mid-June to early July, it is recommended Go this time. ⁻🚗🚗 How to get there: Self-driving: Chengdu-Wenchuan-Li County-Miyaluo-Omu (Me) Tanghuahai Bus: Take the bus from Chengdu Chadianzi to Hongyuan. It is good to communicate with the driver in advance Get off at Yemu Tang, the fare is ¥145. Follow the tour: The tour group from Chengdu to Yemu Tanghuahai is generally around 300 yuan, including tickets and accommodation, which is quite cost-effective. ⁻🏕🏕Accommodation: There is only one Tianyuan hotel in the Tanghua Seascape Area in Russia. There are two types of hotel accommodation, one is the camping tent in the sea of flowers, and the other is the boutique tent hotel at the entrance of the scenic spot. If you are not in good health, it is recommended to live in a boutique tent~⁻📸📸 What are the places worth taking? 1️⃣There are small flowers of various colors in the Huahai Scenic Area, yellow, purple, white...the mountains and plains. When shooting, it is recommended to shoot at a low camera position, with a little flower as the foreground, which is super beautiful! 2️⃣Chalets I really like the sea of flowers and the lonely chalets on the grassland. They look like fairy tales. 3️⃣Snow Mountain Go to the scenic spot in the morning and you can see the snowy mountains in the distance, which is very spectacular! 4️⃣The starry sky and starry sky can only be seen if the weather is good. When I went there, it happened to be a sunny day and saw a very spectacular starry sky. It can be said that it is very lucky! ⁻👒👒 Wear Tips: 1️⃣white or light-colored long skirts, you can’t go wrong when you go to the grassland to take pictures! 2️⃣You can bring straw hats, shawls, flower baskets and other props! ⁻‼ ️‼ ️Notes: 1️⃣Emu Pond is more than 3,500 meters above sea level. If you go there, there may be high reflections. It is recommended not to run violently after that. 2️⃣It is really cold at night, and the hotel does not have air conditioning or heating, so you must bring a thick coat. 3️⃣Sun, sun, sun! The ultraviolet rays on the plateau are super strong! 4️⃣There is very little to eat in Omutang, so you can prepare some snacks in advance. ₋The sharing of this issue is over here~ Thank you for seeing the end, if you find it useful, please be careful. Friends who like travel photography welcome to follow me! See you next time~💗💗"
Qingren HaiNearby City

Qingren Hai

4.6/525 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Jinchuan Can't Miss Attractions
64.2km from Barkam,
"Lover Sea, Tibet, known as "Saer Foot Coo", is located in the village of Saer Foot, Akori Township, Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture, at an altitude of 3866 meters. We pass the village housing, past the hunting through the oysters, to the lake to start walking along the lake shore. The lakeside trail is hidden in fir and cypress trees, the trees are tall and covered with pineapples. The journey is not very long, but because of the high altitude, it can only go slowly, and it is just a way to enjoy the scenery. The lake is mirrored, with the sun, sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes light gray, and the nearest wood, faraway meadow, the top of the cloud, composed a similar but different wonderland, in the plateau has been deduced beautiful picture scroll. On this fairyland lake, you just want to stand quietly, quietly, like the fairyland flowing, you just have to behead a smile. We returned to the village along the original road, luckily a villager, learned that the original road can not return, continue along the road to the lake to the meadow, and then the road to the opposite back to the village. The villagers also told us that winter is also beautiful, winter lake ice can skate. Lover Sea Walk Suggestions: From the direction of Guanyin Bridge to the loss of lover sea, it is usually to navigate to the parking lot of Salzu village. It is recommended that you continue to drive up the mountain to the lover slope parking lot at the end of the lover sea, and then start clockwise from the end of the lake. This way, not to go back, can appreciate the sea of lovers from different directions. If from the direction of Jinchuan, will first arrive the slope of lovers, park here can be hiking."