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Xinchang Ancient Town

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Recommended sightseeing time:3-4 hours
Xinchang Ancient Town, Dayi County, ChengduMap

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The old town of Xinchang is regarded as the "last dam of western Sichuan" because it is the largest existing town in Sichuan and the most well preserved. Shinba ancient town was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and it was founded in the Jiajing era of the Ming Dynasty. It is located in the west of the border with the west, the south of Wang Qi, the north of the out of the river, the flower bay and the Nishi ridge snow mountain.


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Xinchang Ancient Town, about 60 kilometers away from downtown Chengdu, retains many traditional residences in western Sichuan. Most of the houses in the ancient town were built during the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, and the antique old buildings are well preserved. The more representative ones are Li's old house, Fulin Society, Catholic Church, Gospel Church, Bishan Temple and so on. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, merchants from other provinces gathered in Xinchang Ancient Town. Because of the convenient transportation, it became a prosperous market town for commerce and trade. A large number of provincial guild halls were built in the town. Although the guild halls are no longer there, a large number of antique buildings of the former merchants are still preserved. intact. There are seven ancient streets and six alleys in the ancient town. The ancient buildings on both sides of the streets and alleys are simple and beautiful, and the row upon row of fire-blocking walls are well preserved. If you are tired of walking in the ancient town, you can sit down by the river and taste the famous food in the ancient town such as "Xinchang Xuewang", "sesame oil duck" and "meat bean flower". Every year on the sixth day of the seventh lunar month, there is a grand Bishan Temple Fair in Xinchang Ancient Town. Many villagers will put on ancient costumes and dress up as characters in operas, stand on the table, and be carried by special personnel to parade along the street.
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