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Linkesi Hot SpringNearby City

Linkesi Hot Spring

4.4/544 Reviews
"Hot Springs Resort"
Ranked #3 in Rudong Can't Miss Attractions
73.3km from Dongtai, Rudong
"I want to blow it out. The service staff is warm and welcoming, and the baby who offers the water is actively covered with a blanket. The overall hygiene is very clean, the hot spring water is clear, no other impurities. There are plenty of towels and ginger tea. Parking space is ample / and free. We took a 4-year-old baby to go, a line of 4 people, I will write it. The hot spring did not bring a mobile phone, did not take a photo, 1. Entering the door and starting the whole process of the service staff, the first time I went to play all the projects, the first floor is the hot spring, water children's playground, children's toy fishing, the pool (we went to fewer people, did not open the waves, swimming as a swimming pool, there is an oversized roller slide, Suitable for adults to play. The steamed room on the second floor (Aegis, slate, roses. . .) rest area, hand-made area, children's playground, paid massage. The restaurant on the third floor (at noon we ordered beef cover with rice 40 and pasta 38, coke 5 yuan, imported yogurt 12)2. There is a gold hot spring in the outdoor hot spring. Red wine hot springs, medicine pools, etc., there is a large massage hot spring pool in the room, the hot spring water temperature is different, you can choose the right one. 3. After each time you enter the water, the waiter will put your slippers on the tip of the toe, which is convenient to wear out of the pool. Serve hot ginger tea, and drink tea while you soak the pool to drive the cold. 4. There are slides, climbing frames, slides are very safe, and there is a big cushion to slide down. There are also free children's toys to fish.5. Take off your swimsuit and change into a clean sauna to go to the second floor to play the children's playground first. It is very clean inside, after the door slippers, it should be more than an hour to play, barefoot is still clean.6. My mother-in-law went to a few saunas, not good evaluation, I went to the argyi fumigation, the temperature is high, there are a lot of argyi in the room, the taste is also very good, lying down to rest is very nice. It's more fun to go with friends. (The baby feels that the temperature is not like, and turns around to play in the children's paradise)7. Eat on the third floor, order the beef cover and pour rice 40 and pasta 38, coke 5 yuan, imported yogurt 12. We brought the lettuce and fried rice in the insulating barrel. The waiter took the initiative to ask if he would like to help heat 👍🤞8. time is 10.50am until 6:00pm to go home."