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Botanical Garden
Bayan Ecological GardenNearby City

Bayan Ecological Garden

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"Botanical Garden"
Ranked #6 in Bayan Can't Miss Attractions
293.5km from Jixian,
"[Bayan Cultural Park] was built in October 2013. It is an open park that integrates culture, recreation and entertainment, and fitness for friends. It is also a place to showcase Bayan Liaojin culture, calligraphy culture, comprehensive cultural history, and culture Named theme park. The park is divided into an entertainment plaza, a play space, and a private rest space, which give full play to the various functions of the leisure park. The stone inscriptions in the park are all the calligraphy of famous domestic artists. The praises of "Jiangsheng Wenfeng, Donghuang Shengsheng, Bayan You" and the name of the "Bayan Cultural Park" recorded in the history books are from the vice chairman of the National Book Association Zhao Changqing and Nie Chengwen, respectively Handwriting. The calligraphy engraved on the calligraphy wall is the work of selected Bayan calligraphers; the stone carvings scattered on the shaped stones in the garden are set according to the scenery, and the characters are beautiful and meaningful, and have great ornamental and artistic value. The statue of Zhaosu shows the heroic image of the famous queen who has fought for the Great Golden Kingdom. The eight 40-meter-long cast-steel reliefs tell the story and accomplishments of her life from her birthday to heaven and the establishment of the government. [Queen Zhaosu] Empress Zhaosu of Jin Jingzu, Tang Kuo, is a member of the Tang Kuo tribe of Shuai Kuma Village, whose father is a tribal shaman. Zhaosu has lofty knowledge, broad measurement, bold disposition, generous behavior, sings and dances, treats guests happily, and observes the heart and soul of people. At that time, everyone is said to be a husband. After marrying Jingzu Wugunai, he fully participated in the economic, political, military, and internal affairs of the Wanyan tribe. Rewarding fishing and hunting, training farming, Daxing iron smelting, building farm tools and weapons; imitating the customs of southerners, building houses and settlements, persuading peace and ending disputes, and cultivating clan groups. Often walks with Jingzu, political affairs, prisons and litigation are all disputes. After Jingzu's death, the Shizu brothers used soldiers to fight with their mothers, and they were punished for victory or defeat. Doulailiu, Pingwuchun, and Hu Budagang decisive battle, in order to subdue the tribe, calm the north, and destroy the Liao Lijin has the unworldly credit. After Tang Kuoduo Baozhen passed away, his grandson Wanyan Aguda inherited Zhaosu's legacy and established the Dajin Dynasty. In the fifteenth year of Tianhui, the posthumous posthumous posthumous posthumous empress Jingzu Zhaosu is the only one seen in the history of the Jin Dynasty with the 464-character macro chapter as its biography."