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Yabuli Linyeju Ski FieldNearby City

Yabuli Linyeju Ski Field

4.1/522 Reviews
"Outdoor skiing"
298.4km from Jixian, Yabuli Ski Resort
"A must go skiing when you come to Abuli, it's the most ski resort. A 15 minutes walk from the Yabulinan Railway Station is the Forestry Bureau ski resort, we from the farmyard all the way to play snow, for my children is Guangdong Shenzhen, that see snow is happiness, all the way to the snow treading ah roll ah lie ah, snow fight, that can be excited not afraid of cold. Walked for an hour to the Forestry Bureau ski resort. We did not book tickets online in advance, went in to ask the price of 150 yuan for two hours, I told a little price, they promised me 100 yuan for two hours, when the online booking 90 two hours. Also ask the coach to teach 200 people for two hours, really teach you children for no more than one hour, including dressing, shoes preparation time and up and down the mountain time, refund time is within two hours, the timeout is calculated by two hours, so still book three to four hours ticket cost! In two hours can only play four or five laps, the coach will also ask you red envelope, I feel that the New Year to play two coaches a twenty red envelope, coach is not too few, I pretend to be poor, ignore them, they will also receive. Booked tickets included skis and snow boots, other waterproof pants, hats, gloves, if you didn't buy them, rent them or buy yourself in Harbin! If you feel uneasy about living in the farmyard, you can book the forest hot spring hotel that you see on the right hand side of Yabuli South Station, and you can also take hot spring! Or the Yabu Hotel on the left hand side is not far from the ski resort! The Forestry Bureau ski resort we went to is a small ski resort, there is a new sports committee ski resort, a resort ski resort, a large ski resort, a big body, can not slide three times, is not suitable for children. Time to master"