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Daliangzihe National Forest ParkClosed

Daliangzihe National Forest Park

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Ranked #9 in Jiamusi Can't Miss Attractions
113.9km from Jixian,
"Daliangzihe National Forest Park is located in Tangyuan County, Heilongjiang Province, located in the southern foot of Xiaoxing'an Ling, with a thousand years of red pines, 10,000 mu of forest sea, anti-link sites, known as "Sanjiang Pearl, Xing'an Jade." The total area of 7175 hectares, is a national 4A level tourist attraction. The original red pine forest, Jushu Island, Wuhu, Wanhai Temple, the northeast anti-United Six Army military sites and other scenic spots, is the national red pine mother forest landscape famous brand demonstration area. The original red pine forest is the main landscape of Daliangzi River National Forest Park. The total area of 2400 hectares, is China's only remaining pieces of primitive pine forests. "Water and stone out of the straight, the forest is unmanned birds call each other." The trees are tall and dense, magnificent, tall and majestic pine king, the force of the sky; Jushu Island, the different look of the hundred-year-old poplar, towering; The birch trees are undulating; the trees are hanging in different looks and their roots are hanging on the ground; the golden pistols are as thick as the paws of the pine stones, pine pine twists around, deducing the pine love of a hundred years. In the forest oxygen bar, immersed in the vast forest sea, looking at the tall trees, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the trees emanating natural fragrance, listening to the water birds, so that the soul is relaxed, it is a combination of man and nature. The tree house, known as "the sky tower", is built on top of the mountain peaks and suspended in the woods, is the best place to listen to Songtao, Guanlinhai and Pine Tea. The Northeast Anti-Linked Camp site is the most intact anti-Linked Camp site in the Northeast. In 2008, the six armed forces of the Northeast China Anti-Japanese Federation, the uniform factory, the machinery repair shop, the military and government cadres school and other sites were rebuilt in proportion to the ratio of 1:1. The film and television base of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Federation was built on this basis, and many films and TV works on the subject of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Federation were filmed here. This is a revolutionary traditional education base and red tourism key scenic spot. Let people feel the natural while, heavy step on the road, heavy drink resistance joint water, in the subconscious acceptance of revolutionary traditional education, arouse patriotism feelings."