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Xianglu Mountain

Xianglu Mountain

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Ranked #3 in Kaili Can't Miss Attractions
8.8km from downtown
"Xianglu Mountain is located in Bin County, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. It is named after a beautiful legend. It is 4 kilometers long from east to west, 3 kilometers wide from north to south, with a total area of 1136 hectares and an actual area of 20,000 acres. The highest peak is 790 meters above sea level, with an average elevation of 300-500 meters. The four seasons are distinct and the soil is fertile. The forest coverage rate is more than 98%, and the forest stock volume is more than 17,000 cubic meters. Among the plants examined, more than 10 tree species such as red pine, tussah, linden, etc., the main tree species in the northeast, are distributed on Xianglu Mountain. There are also dozens of grassland vegetations such as Carex Ussuri and Thalictrum, and there are also many species of grassland. Eleven kinds of medicinal materials such as Acanthopanax senticosus, Schisandra, Atractylodes, and wild animals such as wild wolves and foxes have been discovered, which can be called "Wanshu Mountain", "Baicao Garden" and "Zoo". In addition, Xianglushan has abundant water resources. It was approved as a provincial-level forest park by the Provincial Forestry Department in 1998 and is now applying for a national-level forest park. Xianglu Mountain is an admirable revolutionary mountain. Climbing Shangzhifeng, the position of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces to fight against the Japanese invaders is faintly visible; on the "Fun Dan Ridge", the mottled shells tell the scene of fierce battles and repelling the enemy; walking into the cave, the ears of "fire roasted chest" echoed Warm, the wind blows the cold behind the" Anti-Union bonfire camping military song. Hearing the gurgling sound of "Wangfu Creek" seemed to tell the beautiful and sad anti-Japanese story. There are still more than 80-year-old veterans of the Anti-Union League who are still alive at the foot of the mountain, witnessing the glorious history of the Anti-Union battle in the Baishan and Heishui, shaking the world and weeping ghosts. Xianglushan will undoubtedly become a vivid classroom for patriotism education. It is a mysterious mountain full of legends. Built against the mountain, the gardens are full of trees and the temples are magnificent. Against the backdrop of turbulent streams, the scenery is even more unique, and the elegant and quiet Xiangshan Temple is located here. The sites of "Laodaogou" and "Xiangyang Temple" in the park leave a lot of reveries for future generations; the mysterious phenomenon and beautiful folklore take us to explore the origins of Mangxian Cave, Snake Fairy Cave, Golden Horse Cave, Acacia Tree and Songhua River Passed for a long time. It is a fascinating four-season mountain. In winter, Xianglu Mountain, pure white snow, green and white pine cones, foggy pine, and particularly eye-catching acacia red, is a good place for people to walk in the snow to find plums, play in the snow, and play in the snow; Xianglu Mountain in spring, the ice and snow melt, The mountain stream reports the news of spring, the spring snow behind the mountain deliberately misses the chill of winter, and the icy Ling flowers in the snow show the vitality of the revival of all things; in early May, the Dazixiang flowers bloomed all over the mountain, and the dandelions bloomed. In the mountains of the moon, hundreds of flowers are blooming, the eyes are full of lush green, colorful butterflies are flying and birds sing in the "Orchid Butterfly Valley" in July. If you are among them, you will feel the colorfulness of life; September autumn The incense burner mountain, the five-flowered mountain, is full of fruits, and there are ridges on top of each other. The poetic scene of the Wuhuashan in September, like an oil painting, is really refreshing. It is a healthy hill for both body and mind. Xianglu Mountain has a piece of virgin forest that has not been harvested. Take a family and friends, walk on the forest path, put yourself in the natural “oxygen bar”, wash your lungs, clean your brain, enjoy the forest bath, drink a few springs in the mountains, let People forget the hustle and bustle of the city, relax their minds and bodies, which is a good way to return to nature and take a vacation."