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Jiming Temple

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TempleHistorical Architecture
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Recommended Sightseeing Time: 1-2 hours
Address: No. 1, Jimingsi Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing
Phone: 025-83361123 025-57715595

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Ancient Jiming Temple is the must-see place to visit Nanjing, for many Nanjing people, the feelings of Jiming Temple is deep inside the heart must-see once a week. At the gates, the crowd is dense, the heart does not like the crowd here or the net red punching place, but the temple is just the place where all living beings worship Buddha wishing, only different from other places. The temple of jiming, stop and walk, with the intention of piety, worship buddha is my to the temple will do the homework, in the solemn compassion Pudu all living people look at the public of a statue of buddha, the heart always light a fragrance, forever Ming. Friends say that the noodles of Jiming Temple must eat a bowl. I love the noodles because of a Taiwan noodle restaurant next to Shanghai Jing'an Temple, the taste of the mountains and seas is so memorable. The noodles of Jiming Temple show the simpleness of the two incense in the light sauce soup. The taste back to the food taste, with the smell of fireworks, warm and indifferent. Look out of the window of the basalt lake, feel the charm of the great Nanjing crossing time and space, think of the ancient Nanjing wall and Zijinshan climb, full of memories of a city. After dinner, I went to the library of the Buddhist Academy. Everything was very religious. It was a great joy in the library, which looked down from the ground through the glass. The spacious and heavy interior let the heart calm down, completely outside the noise. Indulge in the Buddhist treasures, regret that time is too short to take a good look at these washing the body and mind of the text. Xuanwu lake small, meditate for half an hour spirit many. Also go to drink the Cantonese milk tea with coffee, the lion head sweet-scented osmanthus cake of Nanjing brand. The cat cat at the entrance of the jiming temple is allowed to walk in and take a photo 📷, and is indifferent and open-minded. [Cost-effective] [View]

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Jiming Temple, also known as Old Jiming Temple, faces Xuanwu Lake to the north. Construction began during the Western Jin dynasty. It is one of Nanjing's most ancient and active Buddhist temples. During the Qingming Festival, you can admire a sea of cherry blossoms along the road in front of the temple. Climbing up the Medicine Buddha Pagoda in summer, you can look down over the lotus blossoming on the lake. The history of the Jiming Temple can be traced back to the Qixuan Temple of Eastern Wu, situated on land belong to the Wu Kingdom. In 300 A.D., construction of the main hall began on a plot next to the mountains. Daxiong Hall, otherwise known as Pilu Hall, is Jiming Temple's main hall. Right in the middle of the hall is the Pilu Buddha (Dharmakaya), one of the three embodiments of Buddha, flanked by the great bodhisattvas Manjusri and Samantabhadra. On the eastern and western sides of the hall are the 24 devas.
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