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Qufu’s Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and Kong Family MansionClosed at 16:30

Qufu’s Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and Kong Family Mansion

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"Memorial Temple"
"UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    "
"Famous Residences"
Ranked #1 in Binzhou Fun Attractions Nearby
1.8km from downtown
"The Sankong Scenic Area is also the central area of Qufu City. It includes the Confucian Temple and the Confucian House within the Qufu City Wall, and the Konglin not far from the north. It is necessary to punch in the three holes to travel to Qufu. You can buy the three holes joint ticket directly. It is not very fast after running through these three places in a day. The Confucius Temple is close to the Confucius House. Confucius Lin can take a taxi back and forth. It is also very fast to pay attention. Many tourists should have heard of the "tickets for the Analects" activity, but it was recently cancelled. Only the "recitation hall" that is above the ticket office is still said first about Confucius Lin, also known as the most holy Lin. The tomb of Confucius and his descendants is the site of the cemetery. In ancient times, there was a strict hierarchy. Not only the house before the birth, but also the grave after death. The common people's tomb is the tomb, the king's tomb is the tomb, the emperor's tomb is the tomb, and the holy tomb is the name of the sage of Confucius. Gu can be crowned "Lin" the highest level, can be with Kong Lin, but also only the martial saint Guan Yu Guan Lin, and Guan Lin buried Guan Yu head, in addition to the Confucius tomb, there are the tombs of generations of his descendants, even now there are still Kong's descendants buried here, It is enough to see the size of the large area of the Confucius Forest. If it is afraid that it takes a lot of time to walk, it is recommended to take a shuttle bus at the door. It will arrive at the Confucius Tomb by circled around the Confucius Forest. Then return to the door, and along the way will do some explanations on the Confucius family in the car. Not only save time and footwork, but also avoid the kind of atmosphere that passes through the grave area. Besides, if you say "Yili to the Temple", it may be a little bit of a ear, but in fact, it is said that the same place is said that "Yili" is the place where Confucius taught, Later, in the dialect, it also became the meaning of "home". Now the Confucian Temple has become the center of the Sankong Scenic Area. There are also many commercial and residential houses around it. It feels that it is more "soul" in the sense of the word and wants to enter the Confucian Temple. Also because facing the Confucius Temple, called the Yangsheng Gate, from here into the straight is the Confucius Temple gate, can be considered as a part of the Confucius Temple, its name is from the Analects "The walls of the Master number of the gongs", and exalted as "All the Yong" to praise the Temple of Dacheng Temple, is also taken from the "Mencius" in: Confucius said that the total master, whether named or the size of the building is the last of the three holes of the highest courtesy, also known as Yan Shenggongfu, is on the edge of the Confucian Temple. From the map, there is a passage that can be directly connected, but it seems that it is not open to tourists. Only from the Confucius Temple, then from the side around the Confucius House as Confucius home, Confucius House is also very particular about the door, in addition to the eye-catching "Holy House" two words, both sides also have a couplet "with the country Xian Xiu An Fu Rong Gong government, the same day and old article moral saints", The most interesting thing is that the word "rich" is a little less, meaning "rich and noble without head," and "Zhang" word vertically connected to the above head, symbolizing "Articles of the sky" have to say and abstinence from greed, this is Confucius left the children of the greatest admonition, the picture is a tan beast, In short, we must be clean and clean, and abstain from greed and greed. We must not be greedy, and we must not swallow the sun, and die at last at sea"