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Observation Deck
Yuexia PavilionNearby City

Yuexia Pavilion

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"Observation Deck"
121.9km from Qufu,
"Yuexia Pavilion, on the north shore of Lake Daming, west of North Pole Pavilion. The pavilion stands in the center of the pool. It was built in 1937. It has a hexagonal spire, white pillars and blue tiles, decorated with colorful paintings, small and exquisite, elegant and chic. There are brocade fishes in the pond, king lotus is planted, natural rocks around the pond, and rocks lying in waves. On the east side, close to the Arctic Pavilion, is a rockery, with huge boulders standing steep and rugged. Cuizhu is planted nearby, rustling and charming. There are white stone bridges in the north and south of Yuexia Pavilion, Nantong Lakeshore and Beitong Hall. The hall was built at the same time as the Yuexia Pavilion. It has three wide rooms and is located on several steps. It faces the north and faces the south. It has a white tangled pillar and runs out of the building. The south faces the building. There is a penthouse on the east and west, and a basement under the hall. Tang Zhou is secluded, Yu Sen shades the sun, and the whole building appears quiet. There is a small courtyard on the east side of the hall. There is a two-story small building in the courtyard. There is a balcony on the south side of the upper floor, where you can enjoy the view of Minghu Lake. On the west side of the hall, there are flower gardens, bamboo fences, and pine and cypresses. There is spring in the four seasons, and even in the mid-winter season, it is still colorful and blooming. Moonlight Pavilion is an ideal place to enjoy the moon. Tingnan has a wide field of vision, and the "Ming Lake, Water and Moon" is a magnificent sight that can be enjoyed right here. When night falls, the bright moon is in the sky, the clear light is shining, the soft waves are sparkling, the lake and the sky are the same, the weeping poplar is like a sarong bank, and the pavilions and pavilions are looming. Melting moonlight is wonderful."