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Tai'an Underground Dragon Palace (Formerly Taishan Rift Valley)Closed at 17:00

Tai'an Underground Dragon Palace (Formerly Taishan Rift Valley)

4.4/53608 Reviews
"Geological Sites"
Ranked #2 in Taian Can't Miss Attractions
67.2km from Qufu,
"When you arrive at Tai'an, you naturally have to get up Mount Tai, and you have to get down to the Dragon Palace. It is unnecessary to say much about Mount Tai. The five Yue are all known. And this Longgong is the underground rift valley. The whole rift valley scenic area is divided into two parts: the ground and the underground. There are not only underground drifting and the Dragon Palace cave. There is also a large wetland landscape on the ground, but if you want to see the wetland, you still have to calculate the season, as long as the season is appropriate, whether it is flowering season or bird watching during the migration of migratory birds, it is very good. It is usually flowerless and birdless. The ground part is a little lonely. Fortunately, there is also a underground dragon palace to play, the entrance of the underground dragon palace is by the lake of the wetland, you can take the scenic tour bus directly to the inside is actually a large underground cave, big enough to do rafting, a kayak can sit four or five people, But the off-season is not particular, two people can also, along the water flow can watch the unique landscape of the cave, the waterway is sometimes narrow as an alley, you need to be careful to collide, sometimes wide as an exhibition hall, full of strange stone walls, and accompanied by voice broadcasts, Telling some stories about the Dragon Palace requires two special tips. The first one should be prepared for waterproofing. Although there are free shoe covers in the scenic area, you should also bring your own raincoat or waterproof coat to avoid splashing. The second one should be careful about the last section of the rapids. Most of the waterways in front are quite smooth, but the last section of the flow and level drops are suddenly intensified. It is recommended to take up the phone and tighten the kiosk handle after seeing the "surge of water ahead" sign, so as not to be in a hurry and dangerous to drift for 20 minutes. Right, the length and wonderful degree are far beyond expectations, it is the most value-added project in the scenic spot, and at the end of the drifting, it is the underground dragon palace. Even when the drifting, I saw a lot of caves. Now I still have a more shocking scenery to the dragon palace. No matter the height or the area is not seen before, the stone such as pillars through the dome or something is everywhere, and even the underground waterfalls pouring, no wonder to crown the name of the Dragon Palace, even a stone pillar in front of the waterfall is also called "Dinghai Shenzhen" It's a pity that the lighting effects of the whole Longgong are too "genie", which is also the common problem in many places' cave attractions. It's impossible to avoid the special effects of this 86 version of the West Travel Notes... before the exit, there is a showroom after another, which is actually a souvenir sale. And all the layout is a snake-shaped curve, there are not many roads, it took a long time to come out, it is also a common feature of the scenic spot. Finally, I said that the traffic is the last thing. Although it is far from the city, the scenic spot has a tourist line, which includes the train station to the rift valley. In the middle of the funfair also passed by, providing tourists with a lot of convenience"