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Fangte Dongmeng ShenhuaNearby City

Fangte Dongmeng Shenhua

4.9/55980 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Ranked #2 in Nanning Can't Miss Attractions
264.8km from Teng County, Nanning
"Not going to Nanning, you can play all over Southeast Asia in a day ✅ The following Raiders are three brush Fantawild summary! Must see! 👀[Park Visit]‼️➡️ weekday time🈺️10:00-18:00➡️National Day period🇨🇳09:00-21:00➡️Ticket details🎫Standard Ticket: 299 Night Ticket: 199, Night Ticket 16:30 Entry 🌖Children's Ticket (1.1-1.4m) and Elderly Tickets have corresponding discounts 1.1mFree 🆓[Must bring Articles]‼️1️⃣ ID card, health code, mask, Entry security check 2️⃣ Fonte Travel APP: The park operation time and the venue performance time are known! Another thousand island songs also need to be reserved in advance in the "cloud reservation" section. 3️⃣ must buy a raincoat in advance in 🍑! It is very expensive to rent 28r/ pieces in the park! 4️⃣ Must bring a charging treasure! In the park, the charging treasure rental point is very few 😭5️⃣ hats, sunscreen 🌞; Nanning October or sun ‼️ With you flying - Finding the Merlion - Dream Trojan - Entering Angkor - Thousand Island Song - Pirate Adventure - Malacca Warriors - Xiangyue Xialong Bay - Canyon Drifting - Jungle Feilong - Crazy Bumper Car - Rama Legend ✔️ [Must-Play Introduce] ‼️1️⃣First stop of the 🌈 line with you, the most lovely rainbow venue. Ball-shaped naked eyes 3D, simulate the real flight, the time of a song takes you to appreciate the colorful exotic customs of the ten ASEAN countries, my mother has been sighing and shaking! 2⃣️ Thousand Island Songs 💃🏻 The project needs to be booked on the APP and enter 15 minutes in advance. This is a performance that won numerous awards, the Indonesian song and dance performance and high-tech audio-visual perfect combination, the shooting of the record is almost half an hour of audio-visual feast! 3️⃣Malacca Warrior 🏴‍☠️The cooling and heat-relieving (wet body) project, the simulation scenario is very exciting! Experienced a fun of catching pirates in heavy wind and rain 🏴‍☠️Be sure to wear a raincoat 🌂4️⃣Conglin Feilong 🎢The famous wooden mountain cart! It is spectacular and exciting! The whole process is screaming! I love roller coasters! I'm the only one in the family who dares to ride! Finally, I wish everyone a happy time!"