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TianpingshanNearby City


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"Historical Site"
Ranked #18 in Suzhou Can't Miss Attractions
37.4km from Wuxi,
"I don't know late autumn has arrived, is a year to appreciate the good season, you want to go to appreciate maple leaf? Speak of the most desirable appreciation of the four great awards of the maple land is China. Two of the four awards of the maple land in Jiangsu, this time to punch the card is Suzhou Tianping Mountain. They say, "Mountains are no longer high, fairies are named", and this is true. Although the Tianping Mountain is only 201 meters above sea level, it was the burial place of the ancestor of Fan Zhongyan, a military man and politician of the Northern Song Dynasty. Later, Fan Yun, the grandson of the 17th generation of Fan Zhongyan, chose to live here after resigning his post, and built "Tianping Mountain Villa". And from now on, 380 musk trees were carried back from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, planted at the foot of Tianping Mountain. It can be said that Tianping Mountain can be successfully selected as the "China's four great rewards and filial piety resorts" and the descendants of Fan Zhongyan planted musk in Wanli years have a great relationship. Four or five hundred years later, the small musk planted at the beginning has grown into a great tree, although for various reasons only a hundred trees, when they are irreplaceable value of appreciation. Today, there are about 400 ancient date-palms in the scenic area over 200 years, and there are thousands of later red date trees. The red oyster of Suzhou Tianping Mountain has been famous since Ming Dynasty, as the place where literati and inkmen like to enjoy the oysters, even the emperor Qianlong of the six times in the south of the Yangtze River has come to enjoy the oysters, so it can be seen how attractive the oysters are here. In these years, Tianping Mountain will hold a red cherry blossom festival every year, this year is 2021 the 28th Tianping Mountain Red cherry blossom festival, is currently in the heat of the holding, is expected to end on December 13. The best time to enjoy Tianping Mountain is about November 12 to December 5, the specific need to see the weather. Newly planted red oysters in Tianping Mountain and those in Tianping Mountain Villa are at the best viewing area almost mid-November every year, while those growing in the woods are usually not red by the end of November. Of course, not necessarily, the wind in November 2016 when go, will not see the red oysters. After many times, the wind found that as long as we feel very cold, need to wear cotton jackets when the red oysters almost fell. In mid-November, Xiaofeng will go for everyone to see the red blush. The main appreciation of the Tianping Mountain Yuelu more concentrated, almost all in Tianping Villa, Gaoyi Garden, Jiuqu Garden, Fan Wenzhengong, first worry after the music archway there. Most of the red maples in these attractions are ancient musk varieties, the color looks yellowish, at the beginning, most of the yellow, brown yellow, and so on when falling is mostly orange. If you like to see the Wanshan red scenery, you can go to the "lookout platform" on the mountain, where you can see the layers of forest dyed the magnificent scenery. Although the Tianping Mountain is not high, but the mountain road is rugged and curved, climbing up and down takes an hour, the top of the mountain is not red, but can take Suzhou City and the red under the mountain to the front. When the traffic guide subway line 1 Mudu station exit 5, you can transfer to No. 4 bus to Tianping Mountain (during the Red Jubilee Festival, Mudu station has a scenic shuttle bus). Metro line 2 is not directly accessible. You can transfer to Jinan Road to Suzhou Railway Station of No. 1: You 4 Special Line"