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Chongming Dongtan Birds National Nature ReserveNearby City

Chongming Dongtan Birds National Nature Reserve

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"Nature Reserve"
157.9km from Wuxi,
"National Day holiday to Chongming, highly recommended to Shanghai Chongming Dongtan Birds National Nature Reserve, just next to Dongtan Wetland Park, the whole journey is free, although there are not many birds in this season, but the overall environment is very good. (From the instructor's younger brother introduction, to the end of November, birds will arrive in Chongming Dongtan Reserve in large quantities)1, need to advance to "Chongming Dongtan Reserve" WeChat public number reservation, can be about the day, the number of more tight is best early about. Site with reservation code, itinerary code, health code registration entry. 2. Driving to the Dongtan Bird National Nature Reserve in Chongming, Shanghai, Yangtze Road Visitor Center. Free parking at the entrance (Friendship Tip: Don't go on the 5th Road, it's quite bumpy, hanging excellent can be ignored). 3. After changing the visitor card, I will take the inside tour battery car from the 98th levee, and go through the reeds to the fishing port visitor center to start the tour. Now it is opened at the 3rd and 4th pavilions. At random, there will be a guide for each car. (It will be lucky for many people. We are the guides following the previous car.) Explain all kinds of knowledge, introduce environment and bird information. Very professional, the whole journey about 90 minutes. 4, through a section of wooden bridge, lower the sound, open arms against the reeds swinging breeze, the sky birds flying wings, relaxed and happy. Parliament 5 and 3 are 3D movies, playing a documentary showing the perseverance of birds, moving from Australia all the way to Siberia. It is worth watching. Pavilions 6 and 4 are a variety of specimens, and the instructor's younger brother is very professional in explaining the path of bird migration. Azimuth, and various characteristics, rich in content, humorous language, and sometimes with the children around the interactive knowledge, very dedicated. 7, out of the 4th pavilion on the end of the tour, there is an internal battery car to the visitor center, very convenient."